Why Your Company Website Needs Video

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Every company website needs a video to be successful.The Internet has been shifting from text to video more prominently over the past years and with that shift comes a different approach to how consumers consume information. Nothing makes your company look more legit and authentic than a company video, especially when it’s directly on your website. 

Whether it’s show off your brand, product, or provide testimonials for your services, a video on your website will drive more traffic, leads, and sales by creating engagement and boosting your marketing strategy.


Video is the most engaging way to consume content.

Let’s get real. We don’t have all day to search through information. People browsing the internet have a short attention span. Video allows visitors to consume more content, faster. Creating more interactive and visual content is essential to capturing interest and keeping those viewing your business’ website interested. Text-based content is a very one dimensional medium while video is a triple threat. It offers viewers a chance to hear you but more importantly, a chance to see you. Body language communicates more information than you could ever hope to write. This has a lot to do with rapport, likability, and building business relationships. 

This type of engagement is able to showcase your brand’s personality while making it clear what your business stands for. Wordstream reports that “Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users”. Adding, “85 percent of the US internet audience watches videos online”. Videos can help your business connect with viewers. By displaying what your values look like, what it’s like to work with you, and showcasing the people using your product or service you are able to make a more memorable impression.


Video boosts your inbound marketing strategy.

As we’ve mentioned before in previous blog posts, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Google, the largest search engine, owns them. Each word typed into those search engines could be an opportunity for someone to stumble upon your website if you’re using the right keywords. The best part about this marketing tactic is that Google now displays video in their search results, boosting your chances of being found for certain keywords. 

Videos on your website also help to boost your SEO by keeping visitors on your site longer. It’s the most engaging way to consume content so of course they are going to take that time to view a video in comparison to digging through text to find your brand’s purpose. Social videos are known to generate more shares. They get about 12 times more shares than text and images combined according to Small Business Trends. Since video is highly shareable across all your distribution networks, creating original video content maximizes your social media and emails because you’re driving people to your content and site rather than leading them away.

INDIRAP is living proof of what video can do to grow your business. We hold ourselves to a level of excellence and our website reflects that. Whether it’s a landing page video, client testimonials, or example videos of the work your company does. It’s time for your company to make the switch and begin to grow its brand with video content today.

If you’re ready to take your video content strategy seriously, hit us up and reserve a free strategy session at the link below. 

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