Why Video Is The Ultimate Marketing Tool for Real Estate

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Video marketing for real estate is the ultimate tool for success in this profession. Real estate relies heavily on visual motivators and video is crucial to communicating the property being shown. If anyone understands the importance of video in this sector, it’s INDIRAP. Here at INDIRAP, we’ve spent many years helping top real estate professionals create high level video content for every type of property. Understanding and utilizing video as a marketing tool for real estate is key to selling your property. 

Real estate videos can set you apart from competition

Using video to sell real estate can be the thing that makes you stand out against competitors. National Association of Realtors reports, 73% of homeowners say that they are more likely to list with a real estate agent who uses video. Unfortunately, only 9% of agents create listing videos.  Although this is a proven fact, it’s highly ignored in this field. Many are still marketing without video. Usually when we think of a real estate video we think of a property walk-through or images of that property put into a video slideshow.

INDIRAP is here to tell you it’s so much more than that. Videos are emotive. They give your viewers a sense of being there in the home. With a solid real estate video you can drive an emotional connection between that property and those watching your video right off the bat. It gives buyers a sense of the property’s personality and layout.

Video marketing can boost leads

Quicksprout published an article whose title, “If A Picture Says A Thousand Words Then A Video Is Priceless” best summarizes a video’s impact. The article reveals that “Real estate listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than those without video.”  You’d have to be crazy not to have this type of content yet. National Association of Realtors reports that 73% of home sellers would choose a real estate agent who uses video to sell their property over one who does not. That means that the 3% of agents who are actually using video have an insane advantage! If you’re not one of them you should consider making the switch soon.

Video is said to be 53 times more effective at drawing people in more than text alone. Having video for your properties will not only make it more shareable but more effective in capturing potential buyers. Video marketing for real estate has been proven to generate more leads than those using word and picture to showcase properties. Video is easier to distribute and generally more engaging to look at, so sharing your properties in a genuine way has never been easier.

It can help your relationship with buyers

Anyone in any kind of field of business would argue that keeping a client satisfied is important to the success of their career. This is especially true in real estate marketing. Your buyers are putting a lot of trust in you. Creating amazing videos that showcase your properties before their first physical tour will enhance that seller/buyer connection. According to NAR, online video sites have exponentially grown in popularity over the last few years. Now, 36% of people are using video as a source of information during searches at home. Real estate video marketing is the perfect weapon to have- especially for visually driven sales like properties. One study discovered that 40% of prospective buyers find virtual video tours to be very useful. 

It’s clear that there’s a correlation between the buyers’ new demands of video and their demands in real estate. Real estate video marketing is growing by the minute and becomes a more important part of succeeding in this field each day. INDIRAP has done numerous real estate videos for professionals. All of which have helped to drive sales for our clients and boost their engagement. Check out some below.

There’s no argument when it comes to the effects of video in the real estate marketing. Using it as a tool for selling your properties will skyrocket your sales. It also highlights your brand, driving in a client base that is truly captivated by you and the properties you sell. Why wait any longer while competitors race ahead? INDIRAP can help you get started today.

If you’re ready to take your video content strategy seriously, hit us up and reserve a free strategy session at the link below. 

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