Why Video Ads Perform Better

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Video Ads vs. Still Image Ads 

The not-so-age-old debate. As marketing trends shift, it’s becoming increasingly clear that video ads are surpassing still images on a number of fronts. From the amount of clicks a video gets, to the total amount of brand engagement and awareness. The data shows that consumers are choosing video over images. Why is this the case? 

Stop, Look, and Listen 

A reason why video ads do better than images is because they force a scrolling user to pause and pay attention. Even if just for an extra couple of seconds. A still image will be digested in seconds, but video requires more time and attention. These are valuable seconds where your brand has grasped the attention of your content amidst the endless sea of competitors fighting for that very privilege. Now how do you hold that attention? 

Quality Counts

A video ad doesn’t become successful simply because it’s a video. It takes planning and execution. As a video production agency, we know this process requires time and dedication to ensure the video is of the highest quality. But that’s what it takes. To date, Facebook users have created over 2.5 trillion posts. Don’t let your video get lost in all of that noise. You are competing against other companies, users friends and families, and all other captivating content that’s out there. Go the extra mile so you have a well thought out video that is made with the intention to stand out. 

If a Picture is Worth 1,000 Words….

Just imagine how much a video is worth. When done right, it’s shown that a video ad does more in an engaging 30 seconds than one image with text heavy does. People just don’t have time to scroll through and read a paragraph to decide if the content is worth their attention. A video on the other hand grabs a users attention. It can disseminate the same information in a fun and captivating way. Not only are you getting your message across, but the person watching is having an experience with your brand. An experience that wouldn’t have happened had they just scrolled past yet another image on their screen. 

Video Ads Optimize Your Site

Videos are recognized by search engine algorithms as high-quality content. This means that when a quality video is properly added onto your site, search engines are more likely to promote your site organically. This, in turn, leads to more people stumbling across your site and engaging with your brand. So people are on your site, now what? 

Video Ads Build Trust 

A video can show authenticity in ways that text or still images never can. Whether it’s testimonials, product demonstrations, apartment tours, or really anything. A consumer is more willing to do business with a brand they like and trust. And no matter how much thought is put into a compelling caption, a video that says the same thing is more likely to be understood and accepted. 

Are You Already Falling Behind? 

Are you using video ads to promote your brand? If the answer is no, you’re currently behind.

Consumers are demanding video content and your brand will suffer if you don’t adapt to what the consumers want.

If you’re ready to take your video content strategy seriously, hit us up and reserve a free strategy session at the link below. 

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