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Welcome to Episode 3 of Engage. Educate. Entertain. This is a collection of informative advice from some of the top experts in the branded video production field. From our CEO to our Creative Director, and our Founder to our Marketing Director, this collection is here to provide you with all the information you need when deciding to start elevating your brand with video content.

When it comes to success in any industry, delegation –and specifically leveraging other professionals– is the name of the game.

One of the most important skills that any one with a business can have is the ability to delegate. But according to a Harvard Business Review article delegation “remains one of the most underutilized and underdeveloped management capabilities.” Being able to realize what is worth your time and what isn’t is a crucial step towards the path to success, regardless of the industry you might find yourself in. Leveraging an expert to create video content for you is what you need to take your business to the next level..

Nick Langlois, INDIRAP VP of Brand Management discusses this in our latest episode of “Engage, Educate, Entertain.”

WATCH NOW: Why Should I Hire a Professional Production Company?

Just think about what you’ll be able to do with the time you would have spent creating a video yourself. You could be creating meaningful relationships with clients, generating leads, or even closing a deal.

Your time is better spent doing those things and utilizing the content that a professional company like INDIRAP makes than actually making the content yourself.

Nick mentions that when anyone views a video of your business, “they’re going to be comparing that video to every single other video they’ve ever seen. So if you are able to bring that professional look and vibe to your brand, it’s just going to elevate your brand in the eyes of your target audience.”

An article on Fast Company even mentions that 20 percent of the work you do can yield 80 percent of the results. So why aren’t you spending more time focusing on that 20 percent?

Your clients are leveraging professionals, too. They’re leveraging YOU. They know their time isn’t best spent learning the ins and outs of your industry when there is already someone who knows how everything works. The same should go for you as a brand and a business.

At INDIRAP, we offer an unmatched experience when it comes to real estate and corporate video content creation. If you’re ready to start delegating, head to INDIRAP.com to get in touch.


INDIRAP offers The Blueprint for Branded Video Content that shows all the ways video can transform your sales, marketing, advertising and branding efforts, as well as your internal communications. If you’re ready to start creating quality video content to engage, educate and entertain your audience, we’re ready to help.

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