Why Do I Need Video To Sell My Product?

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Welcome to Episode 8 of Engage. Educate. Entertain. This is a collection of informative advice from some of the top experts in the branded video production field. From our CEO to our Creative Director, and our Founder to our Marketing Director, this collection is here to provide you with all the information you need when deciding to start elevating your brand with video content.

Why Do I Need Video To Sell My Product?

There’s no secret about it. The Internet has completely revolutionized the way we shop. According to Shopify, “Global Retail E-Commerce Sales Will Reach $4.5 Trillion by 2021.” With so much money to be made in this online industry, video is the most effective way to generate sales and sell products.

Though many brands are only just starting to realize the importance of video in their sales strategy, there are some notable examples of videos being used for this purpose already.

Nordstrom is beginning to integrate product videos into their online shopping experience. In these videos, a Nordstrom stylist will give a detailed description of the features, how to care for the garment, and how they would style it. These videos offer more insight into the product than just pictures or words, and give shoppers a clearer idea of the item they are looking at, making the buying decision that much easier.

INDIRAP VP of Brand Management Nick Langlois agrees with this in this week’s episode of Engage, Educate, Entertain. “It’s going to result in a more informed buyer at the end of the day that’s already closer to that decision making process because they know exactly how that product is gonna fit into their lives.”

WATCH NOW: Why Do I Need Video To Sell My Product?

Videos have the ability to:

  • Answer frequently asked questions which eliminates confusion, 
  • Show how products can fit into real life situations which showcases usability, and 
  • Speed up the buying process which ultimately means more money for you.

If you need more convincing on why you need video to sell your product, take a look at crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. In order to convince donors to donate to a specific project, videos are used to explain what the product is going to be, how the money they donate will be used, and how the product is ultimately going to make a difference.

At INDIRAP, we like to think of Product Demos as “The Perfect Pitch” that will sell your product for you 24/7, 365 days a year. Be sure to check out our favorite product demo videos to see what we mean.

If you’re ready to start boosting your product sales NOW, get in touch. We’re ready to help you start changing your sales game.

INDIRAP offers The Blueprint for Branded Video Content that shows all the ways video can transform your sales, marketing, advertising and branding efforts, as well as your internal communications. If you’re ready to start creating quality video content to engage, educate and entertain your audience, we’re ready to help.


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