Telular Talks INDIRAP


As a technology leader in IoT solutions for commercial telematics, security and home automation markets, Telular Ametek is the poster child of a company that successfully uses video content to improve how their business works, in nearly every aspect. INDIRAP has had the pleasure of producing video content for Telular that’s been used at trade […]


6 Ways To Save Time and Money With Video Training Libraries


According to Monster.com, spring is when “recruiters tend to snatch up soon-to-be college graduates… to have everyone in place by June 1.” But what happens once you’ve found your new hires? They need to be trained in order to know that they’re doing and start making valuable contributions to your organization. And if you’re not using […]


3 Reasons Video Will Sell A Luxury Listing Faster


Being a real estate professional is no easy job. And it doesn’t get any easier just because you’re selling the nicest house on the block. Luxury listings present their own struggles, but not to worry.  Here are 3 reasons video will sell a luxury listing faster:    1. Video increases the visibility of your luxury […]


Top 5 Benefits of A Brand Overview Video


When it comes to the ways that video content can be used in the corporate world, the list goes on and on. But there is one piece of content that reigns supreme because of how versatile it is. Whether it’s for B2B, B2C, B2B2C, or any other type of business model, a brand overview video is […]


Maximizing ROI With Corporate Event Video


Whether it’s a conference, a rebranding, a product launch, for team building, or any other number of reasons, the easiest way to maximize the ROI of a corporate event is with video. As the most engaging type of digital content, video can serve many purposes and extend the life of a corporate event long after […]


Why Your Dental Practice Needs Video Content


When it comes to customer acquisition for dentists, first impressions are everything. People do business with people they like, and if you can make potential patients like you by meeting them with quality video content and an optimized website, you’ll be setting yourself up for acquiring new patients in no time. Keep reading to learn […]


Video Content For Casinos: A Sure Bet


Take one look at a casino and you’ll find no shortage of video screens. And for good reason. The versatility of LED screens and the endless types of content they can display are one of the most cost-effective ways to modernize, and automate the way your casino runs. But just as important as the actual […]

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