Video for Estheticians


Video for Estheticians In recent years, there has been a huge shift in the type of content viewers are paying attention to. In the skin-care community, 2015 and beyond has seen the rise of professionals creating self-care videos in the form of the “Dr. Pimple Popper” phenomenon. On top of that, average skin-care videos, such […]


Why Video Is The Ultimate Marketing Tool for Real Estate


Video marketing for real estate is the ultimate tool for success in this profession. Real estate relies heavily on visual motivators and video is crucial to communicating the property being shown. If anyone understands the importance of video in this sector, it’s INDIRAP. Here at INDIRAP, we’ve spent many years helping top real estate professionals […]


Why Your Company Website Needs Video


Every company website needs a video to be successful.The Internet has been shifting from text to video more prominently over the past years and with that shift comes a different approach to how consumers consume information. Nothing makes your company look more legit and authentic than a company video, especially when it’s directly on your […]


B2B Content Marketing – What it is and Why it’s Important


B2B Content Marketing- What is it and why its important. B2B stands for business to business, while content marketing is any kind of content you use to help promote your company. Put together, B2B content marketing is used to help promote and market your products and services to other businesses, companies, or organizations. In comparison, […]


What Is A Company Video?


Company videos, brand overviews, whatever they’re called, your company needs one. We’ve nailed plenty of company videos for all kinds of clients and below are some reasons for why your company should have one too. Company Videos – What they are and why they’re important. Nothing will help your audience identify and relate to your […]


How to Use Camera Movements


Let’s Get A Move On Most people are unaware of the effects using specific camera movements have on the emotion a video conveys. When it comes to recording a video, we tend to just think about pointing, shooting, and clicking a big red button on the bottom of our smart phone’s screen and letting the […]


#NODAYSOFF Ep 71 | Clockwork


See More at INDIRAP.com #NODAYSOFF Ep 71 | Clockwork


The INDIRAP Process | Video Production for Corporate and Real Estate


One of the reasons our clients love working with us is because our process has been developed into a science. It’s streamlined, simple, stress-free and always results in incredible content for our clients.  This process consists of 5 steps that takes our projects from start to finish with ease. The initial call covers the overall […]


The Ultimate Post-Production Glossary


Whether we realize it or not, our work environments are filled with jargon that can sound like complete nonsense to anyone outside of our industry. It can even sound like an entirely different language. Video production is no exception. One of the key components of INDIRAP’s efficient process is communication, so we’re going to try […]


The Benefits of A Well-Written Script for Branded Video


Script writing for video is an incredibly important part the production process, and even more so when it comes to branded video. It’s the foundation that can make or break the impact that a video ultimately has. It can be the factor that turns a viewer into a buyer (or not), closes a deal (or […]


Redefining The Phrase “Corporate Video”


It’s no secret that the word “corporate” isn’t very exciting and can also be pretty confusing. “Corporate” typically evokes images of dull offices, boring meetings, complicated systems and a whole host of other things that are less than thrilling. Thankfully, times are changing and not only does “corporate” not mean what it used to, but […]


Telling Your Brand’s Story With Video


We’re not talking about fairytales here, we’re talking about personifying and humanizing your brand. Why? Because people work with people they like, and if people don’t know anything about your brand, how can you expect them to want to work with you? Video is the easiest way to build your brand’s story and become more […]

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