3 Reasons Video Will Sell A Luxury Listing Faster

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Being a real estate professional is no easy job. And it doesn’t get any easier just because you’re selling the nicest house on the block. Luxury listings present their own struggles, but not to worry. 

Here are 3 reasons video will sell a luxury listing faster: 


1. Video increases the visibility of your luxury listing.

The more eyes that see your property, the higher the chance that you’ll find someone who wants to buy it. But this doesn’t mean you need to waste your time showing the same property to different people over and over and over again. Video is an incredible tool in the real estate industry because of how easy it is to show a property off. It’s as simple as sending a link.

Additionally, it’s getting easier and easier to make sure that the right people are seeing these videos. Targeted ad campaigns allow for the promotion of video content to audiences that can be defined by demographics such as age, location, interests and more. By taking advantage of this, not only will more people see your luxury listing, but more of the people who are more likely to actually buy.

2. Video creates hype for luxury real estate listings.

Hype videos” are a popular format for good reason. Because they make people excited about the subject and help to create an emotional attachment. But hype videos aren’t limited to just sports.

If you think about it- a stellar property tour video should serve the same purpose. Video for a luxury real estate listing should make people want to see the property in person, while still giving them enough information to decide if it’s a right fit or not. But a property tour video can do even more than show off the features and amenities of a luxury listing. It can help to sell the lifestyle a person who lives there can expect.

This is a major factor especially for luxury apartment videos. People want a sense of what they can expect by living there, and by using video to show them a clear picture, you’re moving them through the buying process much quicker. See what we mean in this piece we created for The Hudson by Onni Group:



3. The quality of the video content reflects the quality of the broker, realtor or listing agent.


INDIRAP CEO Tyler Mose loves to put it like this. “You wouldn’t put Toyota rims on a Bentley. So do you really want to short change the type of content you’re creating?” We’re willing to bet that the answer is no. If you want potential buyers to take you seriously and treat you like the professional that you are, you need to have video content that is at the same caliber as the service you provide. And a luxury listing deserves a top-quality video to support it. It’s easy to spot footage taken on an iPhone and sloppily thrown online, and that’s a direct reflection of your brand.

You might find some blogs online that suggest “any video is better than no video,” and while there might be a tiny bit of truth to that, overall it’s not a great suggestion. Take your brand and your business seriously by investing in professional video content, especially for your luxury listings.



73% of homeowners say they are more likely to list with a realtor who uses video. So not only does video expedite the process of selling a luxury home, but by using it as a broker, realtor, property manager or real estate professional, it will also expand your opportunities to gain new clients and sell more homes.

Take a look at our real estate reel or check out our real estate portfolio to see some of the work we’ve done:



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