Video for Estheticians

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Video for Estheticians

In recent years, there has been a huge shift in the type of content viewers are paying attention to. In the skin-care community, 2015 and beyond has seen the rise of professionals creating self-care videos in the form of the “Dr. Pimple Popper” phenomenon. On top of that, average skin-care videos, such as applying face masks or performing basic skin care routines have surged. The overwhelming interest in these types of videos proves to us at Indirap the importance of estheticians utilizing high quality videos. Doing so will promote the work they do, and also provide an opportunity to give their followers what they crave. 


Give The People What They Want

If your esthetician business is not utilizing video content in its marketing strategy It’s. Time. To. start. According to HighQ, it was predicted in 2017 that video content will account for 74% of online traffic. Which can generate up to 1200% more organic shares than basic text or images. No matter what your business is, video offers a way to engage with your target demographics in the ways that they crave. 

Let’s Get Visual 

“The (skincare) industry has particularly benefited from the visual nature of social platforms.” says Ahiza Garcia of CNN Business. Face-masks or facial treatments are processes that are fun to watch and can offer a sense of satisfaction. Dr. Sandra Lee, known as Dr. Pimple popper, saw this potential in 2015 and started posting professional extraction videos. Since then has become a household name as people have found the pimple-popping videos addicting and satisfying. Another example of a skin care professional utilizing videos to highlight the visual aspects of her job is Rachel Valverde. Better known on Instagram as the_aesthetician”. She’s garnered almost 70K followers by showcasing the visually pleasing skin treatments she offers. These high quality videos range from derma-planing to goopy jelly mask applications and reveals. Her audience loves them and as a result her business has thrived. 

Skin Care Videos = Trust 

If a picture is worth 1,000 words imagine how much a video is worth. According to Linda Fruend of Tubular Insights, “The video mission is simple: just keep it real. The trust will follow.” Customers aren’t going to put their skin into the hands of a business they don’t trust; period. The best way to gain trust is through showcasing your business with visual content as mentioned above. Also important are video testimonials from loyal customers that truly love your services. Videos are the best way to get these messages across, as they are more engaging as well as authentic. Written reviews blur together and can sometimes seem fake, since anybody can write them. Videos show a real person and their actual experience with your business. It offers the kind of transparency that viewers as well as customers now demand. 

High Quality Videos for a High Quality Esthetician

So, now you understand the importance of using video content to promote your skin-care business. You can just whip out your phone and record & post away, right? Take a step back. You are a professional business and the videos you put out into the world should represent that. Whether you’re showcasing the services you offer or recording client testimonials, these videos should be of the highest quality. You’ve worked hard to create your business and you deserve to show it off properly.

If you’re ready to take your video content strategy seriously, hit us up and reserve a free strategy session at the link below. 

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