Two New YouTube Features You Need to Pay Attention To

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With around 14.3 billion monthly visits (yes, you are reading it correctly!), YouTube remains one of the most popular sites for both users and marketers. The monthly visits on YouTube are way more than what Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon receive. The reason for this massive popularity is people’s undying love for audio-visual content. 

It is estimated that by the end of 2022, online videos will account for almost 82% of the entire consumer traffic on the internet! And since YouTube is primarily a video-based platform, its growing popularity is natural. 

Whether you are a new creator and marketer on YouTube or you have been creating content on the platform for years, knowing about the latest YouTube features can help boost your video marketing strategy. 

This blog post will walk you through the new YouTube features that can take your video marketing to the next level. Read on! 


The Two Brand-New YouTube Features of 2022 

                    YouTube New Features

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Brands have understood the importance of videos in their content marketing strategy and thus, want to make a mark on YouTube and attract as many users as they can. 

On the other hand, YouTube also keeps on releasing new updates and features to support its creator community. From YouTube shorts (that received unbelievable popularity, by the way) to unskippable ads, YouTube has launched or is planning to launch a host of new features. 

Recently, YouTube has come up with some new features to improve the experience of the creators on the platform. Let’s have a look at two major ones:


YouTube Handles 

On October 10, YouTube came up with a brand-new feature called “handles.” YouTube said that handles are designed to offer an easy way for people to find and engage different creators and with each other. 

Similar to Twitter handles, every YouTube channel will have a unique handle. Its goal is to make it easier for its audience to look up the content of their favorite channel and get in touch with their favorite creators. 

Handles are nothing but “@name” that will be used for your channel across YouTube. Your YouTube handle will be visible on your YouTube Shorts and channel page. People can use them to tag you in comments, posts, and collaborations. And before you get confused, no handles are not the same as the channel name. They are different, unique, and offer another way to identify YouTube channels. 

As a creator, this presents an incredible opportunity for you to enhance your discoverability and enable people to find you easily on the platform. Make sure to create an interesting and out-of-the-box handle to make it memorable for your audience.

As of now, the handles feature is not available to everyone. YouTube is planning to roll out the feature soon, and its availability will depend on multiple factors, including the creator’s YouTube presence, number of subscribers, etc.  

Want to learn more about YouTube handles? This video has you covered! 


A New Research Tab

The Research tab, also known as Search Insights, is another new feature launched by YouTube quite recently. The tab allows creators to view what their audience is specifically searching for on YouTube over the last 28 days. Yes, you can actually find out what your viewers and audience want to see!

                       YouTube Research

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And that’s not it! Creators can also get valuable insights on similar channel searches, search volume and ranks of different terms that they can further filter according to demographics. 

The YouTube Research tab empowers the creators with valuable knowledge and insights. You can then use this information to create the type of content that your audience is looking for and boost the views and engagement on your channel. 

While Youtube launched this feature in April of this year, it was only available in English and for selected regions, including the UK, the USA, India, and Canada. But now, the company has decided to make this feature available to more countries. The Research tab or Search Insights will now be available in other languages including Japanese, Korean, Hindi, etc. 

Want to know more about the new YouTube features and updates? This video by Creator Insider has lots of information that you shouldn’t miss! 



So there you have it – the top two new YouTube features that you should know about. Have you noticed any of these features already? Have you started using them on your channel? Let us know in the comments below! 

In case you haven’t used any of these features yet, we recommend checking them out! Try them out and see what difference they can make to your YouTube video marketing strategy. 

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