Top Industry Secrets To Prepare for a Video Interview

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Whether you’re a seasoned pro or it’s your first time on camera, prepping for an interview can be stressful! 

Of course, you want to come across as yourself and natural, but that can be tough when you’re overly focused on saying exactly the right thing. So to help out, we gathered some insider insights from our industry professionals. 

These are the tips we relay to all of our clients to ensure that they feel ready, relaxed, and confident on set. From talking points to wardrobe prep, we’re breaking it all down. Let’s dive in. 

First things first, Let's meet our Pros

As Indirap’s Creative Director, Lydia Smyth has spent the last 6 years guiding clients through each of their individual experiences. 

She’s able to translate every project vision in an accessible way, making even newcomers to video and social media content feel prepared and enthusiastic. 

Caroline Elsey is the Assistant Creative Director at Indirap and has personally planned, strategized, and conducted countless client interviews.

From highly-detailed real estate agent overviews to general branded content, she has seen it all.  

Lydia's Insights

1. Show up prepared, but not over-prepared

Don’t get us wrong, it’s great to be prepared, but we see many people showing up with full pages of scripting and notes, and it can really mess with the natural energy of an interview. 

We recommend having a general idea in mind of talking points you want to hit and the direction you want to go in. Recruit a friend to run some practice questions by you beforehand. But, unless it’s been decided that this will be a scripted interview, leave the cue cards at home.  


A general rule is if you feel uncomfortable in an outfit, you’re going to look uncomfortable on camera. Find a few outfit options you love and maybe even have a little photoshoot to see which one makes you look and feel the most confident and comfortable!

3. Have fun!

Take it easy, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Any mistakes can be edited out in post-production, so really, it’s most important for you to relax, have fun, and treat the interview like a conversation. 

Caroline's Insights

Q: What do you tell clients when they are unsure what to wear to or how to get ready for an interview?

A: Most importantly, wear something you’re comfortable in! But more specifically, I recommend staying away from loud patterns or visually distracting designs. Solid colors tend to be a safer bet and will show up best on camera. If you’re considering jewelry, it shouldn’t make any noise while moving around. It can be helpful to understand your skin tone and how different colors will make you look on camera. 

In some cases, depending on the kind of mic being used, you may want to wear a top that a mic can be attached to discreetly. Similarly, long hair can sometimes cause some auditory issues if it comes in contact with the mic.  

Q: does the location of the interview Affect preparation?

A: Definitely! If a shoot takes place outdoors, it’s best to remain flexible and ready to adjust plans based on the weather and the lighting. If spontaneous rain or cloud coverage occurs, you’re going to be working against time. So it’s best to be prepared and ready to take advantage of good conditions while you have them.   

Inside, however, is much more controlled. You have a bit more freedom and flexibility to take your time, hit your marks, and re-capture any shots you may not be happy with. 

Q: Is there any advice you have for tackling those pre-interview nerves?

A: It’s normal to be camera shy! So it’s best if you treat the interview like a casual conversation between yourself and the interviewee. Don’t be distracted by the camera and lights. I always tell people to relax and not overthink it because even if you mess up, you can go back and do it again.

Q: What is your go-to advice for clients wondering how to prepare?

A: Depending on what you’re comfortable with, you can prepare as much or as little as you want. Typically for interviews, we suggest looking at the interview questions beforehand and jotting down a few notes regarding each question. That way, our production team on set can nudge you and lead you in the right direction with your answers.

As tempting as it may be to write out word for word what you want to say, we don’t recommend going that route. Some people try to over memorize or prepare a script, which can come across as unnatural. It can seem forced or disingenuous. 

Post-Production is a beautiful thing. Our editors are pros at ensuring every element flows together seamlessly and naturally. They can always take out any awkward “ums,” “buts,” or pauses and add in strategic and cinematic audio and visual effects

There ya have it!

The main thing to remember is that it’s our job to make you look good and present you in the best possible light. There aren’t going to be any trick questions or surprises, and you’re in control of how you want to be presented. 

Just have fun, enjoy the spotlight, and feel free to ask questions! You’re gonna look great!  

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