Top 5 Video Examples for Hospitality Industries (and Why They Work)

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With the growing importance and popularity of videos in content marketing, most businesses in the hospitality industry have started incorporating videos in their online marketing strategy. After all, videos are super engaging and allow you to convey your business message and story effectively. 

If done right, video marketing can help you grow your hospitality business and drive more customers to it. However, while all of this sounds super exciting, it is a bit challenging too. Coming up with an effective video marketing strategy for the hospitality industry can be tricky. 

With the fast-evolving trends and changing states and preferences of customers, hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. have to be on their toes constantly. They need to come up with unique video content marketing ideas to capture their audience’s attention. 

If you are trying to boost your hospitality business’s video marketing, you have reached the right place! Today, we will discuss the top 5 video marketing examples that are superhit in the industry. 

Let’s dive in! 


1. Virtual Tours

Marketing trends will come and go, but virtual tours will never go out of style! Creating an engaging virtual tour is one of the best video marketing examples for hotels, resorts, and even restaurants. 

One of the biggest reasons virtual tours still work is that people get an incredible opportunity to explore the entire property, its amenities, specialties, etc. while sitting on their living room couch. This helps them in gathering ample information and comparing alternatives before making their final choice. 

Virtual tours also offer you the opportunity to showcase your business in the best way possible. If you own a hotel, make sure to show off your rooms, additional amenities like the outdoor pool, high-end bar, or basically anything that makes you unique. 

If you are creating a virtual tour video for the first time, this video will help you get started in the right way! 


2. Tell a Good Story 

Let’s face it – we – humans – love an emotional story like anything! This is one of the reasons why advertisements with emotional content perform 2X better than ones having logical or rational content. Thus, if you can manage to tug at your audience’s heartstrings in the right way, it can do wonders! 

And what better way to create emotional content than telling a good story in a video? People love visual content and they adore stories. Thus, a video having an interesting story about your brand, how it came into being, and what it offers will almost always work!  

Here’s a fantastic video example of this created by The Student Hotel. The video directly speaks to the hotel’s target customers and showcases how it is more than just a place to stay. It is emotional, engaging, and very well put! 


3. Do a Question & Answer Session 

Another video example that is quite popular in the hospitality industry is a short Question & Answer session. You can style this type of video according to your and your audience’s liking and answer a variety of different questions. 

For example, you can answer questions about the unique features of your hotel or resort, or restaurant. To make it more engaging, you can also ask your audience to submit their questions and answer them in a video. Moreover, you can also conduct interviews with your team members and bring some spotlight to them. 

Q&A videos are popular because they answer the audience’s questions, give them valuable insights, and help them make informed decisions. 


4. Behind-the-Scene Clips 

Behind-the-scene clips are extremely popular in the hospitality industry. It is because they enable businesses to showcase their “humane” side and reveal how things get done behind the curtains. 

Through such clips, you can showcase how your staff works to offer them the best stay, how your chef cooks delicious meals, or how your team does the preparation for some big event. Doing so will help you display your capabilities, win the audience’s trust, and position your business as an industry leader. 

Here’s an excellent behind-the-scenes example of how food is prepared and plated in a Michelin-Star hotel. 


5. Travel Hacks and Tips 

Apart from promotional content, creating educational videos can also be a fanatics video marketing strategy. You can come up with a series of travel-related videos or simply create one video sharing travel hacks for the region your business is based in. 

For example, if your hospitality business is based in New York, you can create a video for “top travel tips for exploring New York on a fixed budget,” and so on. Make sure to choose the topic according to the interest of your target audience. 

Educational or informational videos make your audience believe that your business cares about them and you aren’t here only for profits. It helps you build trust and establish goodwill. 


Wrapping Up

So that’s it, folks! These were our top 5 video examples for the hospitality industry and why they are super effective today. Make sure to implore all of them and include some of them in your video marketing strategy. We are sure that your audience will love it! 

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