The 2023 Ultimate Guide To Growing Your Business With Video Marketing

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8 Types of Video Content That Will Grow Your Business and Get You More Customers

Thus, it is a no-brainer that if you need to make a mark on the digital landscape, you need to have strong, eyeball-hungry, lead-generating, and profit-driven video content for your brand. And that’s what we are going to talk about in this blog.

Today, we will spill the beans about the top 8 types of video content that helped us scale our company, INDIRAP, and make it the #1 video production company in the Midwest. 

Let’s dive in! 


 1. The Brand Overview Video

Brand overview videos are meant to introduce your brand culture, products or services, value propositions, and overall brand story to your audience. 

Benefits of brand overview videos include the following:

  1. These videos are like a warm virtual handshake that amplifies customer engagement. 

  2. They encourage your target audience to make a buying decision in your favor.

  3. A good brand overview video is essential to scale your business online. It lets the customer know who you are and how you can help them. 

When you are creating a brand overview video, make sure to display your brand in the best possible light. Be loud and clear about the products or services you provide, the value you bring to the table for your customers and the benefits of choosing your business. 


2. Case Studies & Testimonials 

If you haven’t figured it out yet, let us tell you that social proof is one of THE most powerful tools in a marketer’s toolbox. Consumers trust other consumers more than they will ever trust a brand. Thus, having case studies and client testimonial videos is a must! 

If you have an amazing product or service that customers love, ensure to showcase them on camera talking about how out-of-this-world your business is. 

Some amazing benefits of case studies and client testimonials include:

  1. These videos will help you take control of your reviews. 

  2. Further, when your reviews come from a real person, it gives your potential customers a chance to see and hear directly from someone who has actually experienced what you offer. 

  3. Case studies and testimonial videos are a powerful medium for establishing strong brand credibility. 


3. Human Resources, Culture, and Recruitment Videos

As an employer, you’ll naturally want the best of the best talent for your team. Similarly, people looking for jobs also want to learn about the brand culture and benefits of their next workplace. 

So, when you create HR, culture, recruitment videos, it can benefit you as well as your prospective employees.

  1. By creating HR, culture, and recruitment videos you could show job-seekers how great it is to work at your company, instead of simply telling them. 

  2. These videos also enable you to walk prospective employees through your company and its various processes. After all, you can’t just assume that people will understand your company’s vibe after reading a job post on LinkedIn or scrolling through your website. You’ve got to give ‘em a taste!


4. The Event Recap video

Are you set to host an exciting event? Will it have fantastic speakers, decor, a stunning venue, branding, and a surprise guest appearance? Why not capitalize on this and grow our brand even more post-event? 

Here are some benefits that such videos offer:

  1. Creating an engaging event recap video enables you to capture and immortalize all of the energy and excitement of that day. 

  2. You can simply capture the entire event and then chop the footage into shorter cuts for your social channels, attendee testimonials, paid ads for future events, etc.  

  3. This will help you create super sharable content that can be uploaded and shared across all channels. 

  4. It will also help you organically and effectively grow your brand awareness online.


5. Paid Advertising and Commercial Content

These types of videos are the most profitable and ROI-driven form of content you can create for your brand. You can come up with creative ads to showcase your products and services engagingly. 

Benefits of such video content includes:

  1. The best thing about paid advertising is that you can track its performance. 

  2. You can see exactly what’s working, what’s not working, and make adjustments until you’ve found that perfect formula. 

Due to their fantastic benefits, almost 42% of US-based marketers will increase their video ad campaign budget by 2024. Thus, make sure to come up with an effective video ad distribution strategy for  Facebook, Google, YouTube, or wherever your audience is and enjoy the benefits! 


6. Process Video 

These are educational videos that teach customers why they should invest in your product/ service or how your product works. Let’s have a look at the benefits of process videos:

  1. By creating simple but effective process videos, you can present your product in a simple and engaging step-by-step format. 

  2. From a sales standpoint, it will make it easier for anyone on the fence to convert into paying customers, with total confidence.

  3. Process videos encourage customers to make a buying decision by clearing all their doubts and removing all uncertainties. 


7. Training Library 

Let’s face it – while training your team members is absolutely necessary, it is also time-consuming, costly, and tedious. This brings us to our seventh type of video – the training library! 

Here are some amazing advantages having a training library:

  1. You can simply convent your entire training process in multiple engaging, easily accessible, and understandable video content libraries. 
  2. It Will ensure that new hires or customers have ample training information that they can access anytime, anywhere. 

  3. It also allows the people to access and consume the content at their preferred pace. 

  4. Finally, it also helps you save money, big time!


8. Product Demo 

You should also create interesting and engaging product demo videos to show your customers why your product is the right choice for them by outlining how it works, its benefits, and so on. So, instead of just saying that  “our product removes stains,” a product demo video allows you to actually show them how it’s done! 

Want to know the advantages of product demo videos?

  1. When you convert your in-person product demonstration into a piece of shark-tank pitch-worthy video content, your customers will have no reason to doubt your product. 

  2. In this way, customers will have all the information and confidence required to click the “add to shopping cart” and “buy now” buttons! 



So there you go! These were the 8 types of videos that must be a part of your online video marketing and content strategy. 

No matter what you’re selling, what industry you’re in, or who you’re selling to, these 8 types of videos work almost everywhere! They will help you attract more audience, boost your video marketing strategies, and turn content into profit for your brand. 

If you’re ready learn more about how you can supercharge your brand with video marketing click THIS link to book your FREE 30-minute video strategy call.  We’ll do a deep dive into your brand and you’ll walk away with a content blueprint that outlines the Top 3 content types you can use to grow your business today.

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