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Introducing the world’s first magnetic, reversible necktie. Check out for more details.

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A common problem with standard neck ties for men is that most of them, once tied, do not allow enough length to place the tail in the neck tie loop.  The Magnetie is just like any other necktie.  Except that is has two very powerful, free moving magnets inside. One in front, and one in the tail. Those magnets allow you to universally ‘retain’ the neck tail in place behind the neck tie, every time, regardless of amount of the tail remaining.

Each Magnetie is stitched down the edge creating a completely two sided neck tine that is not noticeable while you wear it. The Magnetie is a true solution by using magnets we removed the need for the tie loop of fabric ring on the the rear of the tie which provided the opportunity to make the first practical, reversible, two faced tie.  That means that every Magnetie is two neck ties in one.  A reversible solution on the go for any situation.

I’m Joel Paglione the CEO and founder of Magnetie for years people have tried everything possible to make the neck tie more efficient.  The solution is to simplify the design and create a necktie that does all the work itself.  This is what we’ve done with the Magnetie neck tie, and we hope to honor the traditions of yesterday by bringing the necktie into the future

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