The Keys To Creating Eyeball-hungry, Super-engaging Videos For Your Next Paid Ad Campaign

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Video is king when it comes to drawing and engaging viewers. In fact, it could be the secret to securing those new, potential clients you’ve been hunting for.

If you’re not among the 86% of companies launching paid ad campaign videos to attract and keep customers, you’re letting your competition leave you in the dust.

Research bears this out over and over. Video wins in advertising on social, display, and searches, every single time. 

Are you unsure whether a video is right for your company’s ad campaign? Do you wonder if you can afford it? Do you question whether ROI makes videos worth the time and budget?

The answer to all of these three questions is yes- absolutely. And the best part is, we’ve got you covered. 

Using video in ad campaigns is no longer just an option. It’s a proven winning, profitable strategy- when done correctly.

One study showed that properly placed videos on a company’s landing page increase sales and conversions by 80%. It’s that simple.

Crafting Must-Watch Advertising Videos

It takes experience and finesse to produce an impactful video. Especially one that boosts your brand awareness and illustrates the benefits of your product or service.  

Video ads must be:

  • Short but long enough to add value

  • Engaging in the first few seconds to hold viewers’ attention

  • Provide helpful information but not so early in the video that viewers don’t feel the need to see it to the end

  • Focus on the benefit your service or product genuinely offers

  • Embody what makes your business stand out

  • Professional but still entertaining, humorous or sentiment-stirring

  • Issue a clear and appealing call to action

Eyeball-Hungry Video Ingredients

Successful ad campaign videos are short, engaging, valuable, and visually exciting.  

To nail it every time:

  • Tell a story that makes people feel all the feels while shining a warm, glowing spotlight on your brand

  • Audio should compliment your video. The voiceover should match the tone of your video, whether entertaining, funny, passionate, or exciting

  • Pick the right people to put on screen. You have company leaders, employees, and clients, so let them sing the business’s praises

  • Include snippets of interesting or valuable information so viewers feel the time spent watching your video was worth while

  • Images, elements of graphic design, and icons add another layer of engaging visuals.


Take for example, Cheetos’ new ad on TikTok- it’s young, it’s funny, it’s short, and it’s all about the users. Their #LeaveYourMark Campaign has been trendy, clever, and attention grabbing due to their strong visuals and relatable concept. See what all the buzz is about: 

Attract Viewers and Keep Them as Customers

Play the long game by using shorter videos and avoiding longer-running ads. A quality 10-15 second video offers astounding ROI.

Emphasize the call to action. First, build interest, then provide a quick and easy way for the viewer to hop on your landing page and get down to business. 

Ensure the video works just as well on silent with subtitles so viewers can tune in no matter where they are.

Perfect Planning

Whether internal or external, an experienced and creative video production team makes your brand pop and brings your company’s story to life. All while directing customers into your sales funnel.

The planning stage may be even more important than shooting and editing the final video ad. So here are items you should thoroughly discuss with your chosen video producers before one second of the video is shot.

Define the goal for the video in measurable terms. Nail down the demographics of your target audience. What do they need that you can provide?

Prioritize the type of ads you want and where to place them to increase and retain your customer base. For example, your video ad can be used to skyrocket your email marketing campaigns.  

Keep this in mind; you may be able to place one short, well-produced ad video as multiple types of digital marketing. Evaluate what has worked for you before and draw on your professional team to show you what’s hot right now. A winning marketing strategy can’t be stagnant. It grows and evolves to support your gains.

The most impactful types of digital advertising that lend themselves to video include:

  • Social media

  • Paid search/Pay per click

  • Display ads

  • Brand building

  • How-to content

  • Remarketing

Remember the Overall Marketing Plan

You should have some excellent keyword research on board if you have an existing marketing plan. Also, competitor analysis to see where their efforts are winning and losing. Then, put what you already know to work in your video content.

Marketing strategy and search engine optimization are not do-it-yourself projects. Instead, tapping into professionals with expertise in the latest trends and tricks of the trade frees you up to build your business. 

Stuck on that marketing strategy plan? We’ve got you covered, peep the absolute best marketing strategy you’re gunna get for 2022: 


Consider that keywords within your content are no longer enough. To be successful, you need to capture the user’s intent. Google’s algorithm changes daily, and its marketing strategy needs to do the same to reach the coveted first search page.

Don’t forget that people are looking for you on the fly. More web searches and queries take place on mobile devices than computers these days. Optimize site content so that once the viewer hits your landing page, everything displays flawlessly, and navigation is a breeze!

Going Forward

Video makes up a whopping 82% of all internet traffic.

Quantity cannot outshine quality. Consider a couple of reasons behind that mega internet traffic number that’s really quantity driven.

Anyone with a smartphone who knows to hold it vertically can make a video with excellent picture quality, clear audio, and manageable file sizes.

Streaming services take up their chunk of internet traffic; remember, that’s another place to spend some of your video ad revenue.

At its heart, the lesson to take away is that people like their videos, and they want more and more. So your goal is to give ‘em what they want and convert new eyeballs into increased sales.

Something Else to Consider

The value of videos for boosting business does not stop at advertisements. There’s a wealth of opportunities to grow your company and profits by employing excellent video content.

Talk to your team about producing behind the scene’s videos, stories about how the company came to be, and happy customer testimonials.

Produce videos aimed at recruiting and training employees.

Let Us Help!

You’re simply not going to earn a more significant market share without using every tool possible to make your brand shine.

Ad videos are the way forward, convincing current and potential customers that your company is trustworthy and the best business around.

We do the hard work of creating content for your brand.

So let’s get things rolling for you.  Get in touch today and see how INDIRAP can put your goals into motion. 



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