The INDIRAP Process | Video Production for Corporate and Real Estate

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One of the reasons our clients love working with us is because our process has been developed into a science. It’s streamlined, simple, stress-free and always results in incredible content for our clients. 

This process consists of 5 steps that takes our projects from start to finish with ease.

The initial call covers the overall scope of your project. Here’s where we get on the same page about your vision and where we explore your existing strategies and goals. We do this so we can propose the most valuable and effective video content strategy for your brand. 

Our second step in the process is where we get into specifics during our pre-production meeting. This can happen over the phone or in person. We gather the details needed for us to organize talent, locations, dates, scripts, voice over, storyboards and anything else that will go into your video. The INDIRAP team makes sure that everyone involved is prepared and ready to go come shoot day.

Next, it’s time for action. Our crews arrive onsite, ready to capture your brand in the best light possible. Something that sets INDIRAP apart and that our clients love is that we’re minimally invasive on set. What does this mean? Our crew arrives with a backpack full of gear and some tripods. We don’t show up with a truck of equipment and cause a disturbance and a scene. We try make the smallest footprint possible and only bring the necessary equipment and people. This step is also where we make sure your talent, team or clients feel comfortable on camera and have a fantastic experience from start to finish. We even have resources for this step including this video about how to nail your next on camera interview. 

In the fourth step of our process, our editorial team chops and arranges the best content into video that sells your vision, engages your audience and entertains your viewers. We make any changes, tweaks or additions you need prior to mastering sound, color grading and adding graphics.

Finally, we deliver all content to you via Dropbox for you to integrate into your sales, marketing and internal content marketing strategies. It’s really that simple. 

After producing game-changing content for our clients since 2010, there’s a reason we have over 100 5-star reviews on Google, regularly work with top real estate brokers and continue to help brands in nearly every industry build their businesses with video. 

If you’re ready to take your video content strategy seriously, hit us up and reserve a free strategy session at the link below. 


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