Telular Talks INDIRAP

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As a technology leader in IoT solutions for commercial telematics, security and home automation markets, Telular Ametek is the poster child of a company that successfully uses video content to improve how their business works, in nearly every aspect.

INDIRAP has had the pleasure of producing video content for Telular that’s been used at trade shows, as social media clips, as training videos and as advertisements. Through this content, we’ve been able to help strengthen their branding, extend their reach, and maximize the efficiency of their business overall.

“It amazes me how quickly they can go through hours of film and then present a first cut that’s almost perfect,” says Megan Blevins, Marketing Manager at Telular Ametek.

Hear more from Megan about her experience working with INDIRAP in the video below:

Telular’s portfolio brands combine the power of SaaS, cloud, services and data analytics to help customers uncover new revenue opportunities, lower operating costs, and improve productivity. For over thirty years Telular has made smarter connections for its customers. By combining wireless technologies, purpose built devices, and SaaS commercial offerings, the company has been a disruptive force in the IoT market.

Below is just one example of some of the work we’ve done for Telular and we look forward to working with them on future projects!

“I’d say if you’re on the fence about investing in video, you’re not going to find a better company than INDIRAP to explore where video can take your business.”

Ready to use video to make your business more efficient? Let’s talk.

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