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Every industry is currently facing its own sets of challenges and is looking for ways to adapt. The real estate business is no different. Over the years, the industry has been taking steps to become more digital, however, the recent crisis has expedited the real estate world into the digital age. Now, the possibility of […]

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Videos are not just a passing trend that will die out. They are here to stay. No matter what industry you’re in or the type of business you have, implementing video into your business model will benefit you in the long run. Unsure about what kind of videos will suit your needs the best? Take […]

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At INDIRAP we talk a lot about video in general and the power it has when it comes to boosting sales and telling your brand’s story. In this article, however, we’ll be breaking down animated videos specifically (Like the ones shown below) and all the ways your business can benefit from them. INDIRAP’s List of 8 […]

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What Is a Human Connection? A human connection is a shared moment in which people are able to connect on a personal level. There are a variety of ways for consumers to experience these moments. Face to face, digitally, from one person to another, or between a person and a brand. These experiences build trust, […]

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Ask How You Can Help This is truly an unprecedented time and it’s okay to be questioning each step moving forward during this crisis. The best way to get answers to those questions? Ask! That’s right, outright ask your audience what they need from you right now. Listen Use every source you have to listen […]

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Video Ads vs. Still Image Ads  The not-so-age-old debate. As marketing trends shift, it’s becoming increasingly clear that video ads are surpassing still images on a number of fronts. From the amount of clicks a video gets, to the total amount of brand engagement and awareness. The data shows that consumers are choosing video over […]

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