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Whimseybox is a monthly subscription service for crafts. Here, founder and CEO Alicia DiRago explains her inspiration for Whimseybox and how Excelerate will help her grow.

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Whimseybox is a subscription service for DIY and craft projects, so you pay online, its a monthly fee and every month we’ll send you a different project to do. It could be jewelry making, or home, or any kind of paper craft project. You can upload and share online what you’ve done and how you’ve put your own spin on it.
Whimseybox started because I was blogging and doing DIY projects on my own personal blog, and I was constantly getting emails from people saying, “how can I make that, and where do I get the stuff?!” So wanted to make it easier for the people to enjoy making the things that they adore online.
Our target market is the 20-40 year old Pintrest user thats always pinning something beautiful to make but doesn’t always know what to do when they get into the craft store and can’t find the supplies they need online.
I decided to do Excelerate because I had a bunch of people signing up that were interested in the service but I needed a lot of help figuring out how to build a business, and making something that could grow and help even more people enjoy creating and crafting.

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