Spotlight on Cureeo | Bringing Art to the Masses

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Cureeo is an online marketplace for art buyers to discover original works by artists across the country. This week, we put the spotlight on Maida Swenson Fortune, founder and CEO. She explains the story behind Cureeo as well as why Excelerate is such a valuable experience for her team.

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Spotlight on Cureeo-Bringing Art to the Masses
At Cureeo we help you find art as unique as you.
I’m Maida Swenson Fortune, I’m from, and what we do is we help make fine art accessible to everybody. It’s no longer just for the wealthy, or the rich. We do that by having a very dynamic, accessible website where artists can post their work, but we also help people go through that process. We have our consultants that help, and people will be able to take a test and learn their art preferences so that they feel comfortable and confident buying online.
The target customers are enthusiasts. A lot of people want to buy art, they know that it’s something nice to own but they’re really intimidated about buying it and so we’re focused on people that are perhaps first time buyers, or maybe they’ve purchased a couple of pieces of artwork in their life, but they’re not necessarily the upper echelon of the collectors, they’re not collecting sixty, eighty, one hundred  thousand dollar works, they’re collecting pieces that are a couple hundred dollars to a several thousand dollar range.
The reason we chose Excelerate is that, not only is the seed funding really really helpful, but the people here, the mentors, and Troy and Sam are incredibly helpful. I was thinking about this earlier today, I wouldn’t have traded this experience for anything because these people’s input is have been monumental to the business.

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