Sales Team Essentials: Content Tools Needed To Succeed

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What tools have you provided for your sales team recently? 

Don’t get us wrong, we understand and appreciate the sales hustle. We know it’s a daily grind and it takes a certain kind of person. But even the best sales team could always use some more ammunition. 

Here’s what your team needs to really drive the buying decision forward and close those deals. 

Video Content

Brand Overview

Your neck-deep every day in every aspect of your business. You know it all inside and out and could talk about it in your sleep. But you can’t expect prospective clients to just jump in and pick up what you’re putting down right away. 

They have no idea who you are, what you do, why you do it, etc etc. And let’s be honest, having all of that spelled out from a salesperson during a pitch can come across as a bit biased. 

Arming your team with an informative and engaging video that showcases all the most important aspects of your brand is going to act as that vital first imperative impression. 

We think of it as a warm handshake. You can add it to proposals to liven up your pitch or in your onboarding process to ensure transparency. There are really no limits to how you can personalize and use this form of content, and that’s what makes it so important. 


Case Studies 

People want to see results. They want proof. So if you have it, why hide it? Case study videos are going to be key in proving your credibility and showing your potential clients the exact kind of experience they can expect to have. From start to finish. 

Say you’re in a sales pitch and you’re listing off your laundry list of features and benefits and explaining what you can do for this specific client. You tell them your product or service is going to boost website traffic, generate sales, or deliver a major ROI. That’s great. But how do they know? 

Don’t leave it up to just words. Use evidence. Providing real-life numbers and results is going to leave those potential clients drooling at what is possible for them since it’s already been done. They don’t have to imagine it they can see it. 


Similar to case studies, past client testimonials can add more faces and voices to a sales pitch. It doesn’t have to be just your sales team hyping you up. Let your clients do that for you! It’s a great way to harness the power of social proof and show potential clients that they don’t have anything to worry about. 

And sure, you can just show them quotes or reviews that have been provided. But people read reviews all the time, they’re numb to their influence. Face-to-face video content is a much more effective way to form a human connection and really speak to your client. 

Marketing tools

Sales Magnets 

These are your carrots on a string. What content can your sales team offer that is going to spark a potential client’s interest? Do you have a downloadable PDF you can send out? Or maybe access to a free online course

Your sales team can use these incentives to get leads in the door and keep them coming back for more. It’s an invaluable and versatile tool that your team will be able to use over and over again. 

Organic Content

We’re talking about updated and informational social profiles, blog posts, and videos all showcasing your brand voice, culture, and objectives. At this point, not having an organic presence isn’t really an option. It’s like daily hygiene, you just have to do it. 

Clients are going to want to look you up, they’re going to be comparing your business to your competitors. And so often, this is an element that is overlooked. 

This is the solid foundational content your sales team needs to ensure that, after a pitch, when a client inevitably goes to look you up on Facebook, they’re not met with a boring page that hasn’t been updated in months. 

A Solid Website 

You guessed it. Just like your social media platform; your sales team can’t be sending potential clients to a run down website. It’s just not a good look. 

You could have the best product or service in your industry. But if your website has dated content, or is boring/busy/confusing, you’re just going to scare away any potential clients. And that’s on you, not your sales team. 

Paid Ads 

The holy grail of driving sales and generating leads. Having a solid paid ad strategy that your sales team is familiar with is going to change your life. Hands down. 

Creating a strategic, well-targeted campaign will bring leads right to your door and keep you at the forefront of their mind. 

Of course, you have a killer sales team who work day in day out, but even the best salesperson can’t make thousands of pitches a day. Paid ads can. 

It flips the sales game on its head and increases the likelihood that anyone your sales team talks to is already familiar with your brand and highly interested. It saves time and money and makes the sales hustle just a little bit easier. 

So what next?

Talk to your sales team! See if they think any of these tools would make their job any easier and help them to sell better. 

If you commit to the process, there’s no doubt you’ll come out the other end with more leads, more conversions, and a wider audience pool that gives a shit about you. 

And if you can’t do it on your own, you’ve always got INDIRAP.   

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