Redefining The Phrase “Corporate Video”

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It’s no secret that the word “corporate” isn’t very exciting and can also be pretty confusing. “Corporate” typically evokes images of dull offices, boring meetings, complicated systems and a whole host of other things that are less than thrilling. Thankfully, times are changing and not only does “corporate” not mean what it used to, but there are also ways to make corporate more exciting through the power of video. Keep reading to find out how INDIRAP is redefining what “corporate video” means. 

Over the past ten years, INDIRAP has created high-quality corporate video content for dozens if not hundreds of companies. And these videos are anything but boring. Take a look:

Telular is a technology leader in IoT solutions for the commercial telematics, security and home automation markets. Its product and service offerings have evolved from the company’s history in fixed wireless terminals to include a broad range of turnkey solutions for the industrial IoT and commercial telematics applications.

In the video above, INDIRAP was tasked with the challenge of showcasing a complex corporation such as Telular in an easy to understand and engaging medium. By visually showcasing the collaborative and innovative environment at Telular, we’ve made a “corporate” video that’s vibrant and informative- without being boring.

Corporate video production is also useful when it comes to recruitment and human resources. INDIRAP produced recruitment videos for SpotHero, a company that “designs better ways to find, reserve and pay for parking,” making cities more accessible and the world more connected.

Corporate video for recruitment doesn’t have to be boring. When done right, it can be an incredibly effective tool for increasing the desirability to work at your company. Think about how much more engaging and entertaining this is at conveying the workplace culture and the benefits of working at this company than a simple job posting on a website. Read this past article to see how you can use video to hire better

Finally, we have a recent brand overview video we produced for Lighthouse Strategies. Lighthouse Strategies specializes in emerging market business development with a focus on intellectual property, patented technology and products. We produced this brand overview that’s incredibly visually appealing and showcases the company in the best possible light. 

Brand Overview video content is a prime example of what we call evergreen content. This means it has a long lifespan and doesn’t need to be updated frequently, delivering a higher ROI while requiring minimal effort on your part. This type of content is perfect for website header reels, social media platforms, blog posts, and paid ads. The longevity of this content really solidifies what an important investment a brand overview video is for any business.

These videos are just a few of the corporate videos we’ve produced over the years. They’ve helped these companies put their best face forward to anyone who comes across their name. They also help humanize the brand, which as we know, is a crucial step in gaining the trust of a prospective customer. 

When it comes to video, corporate doesn’t have to mean boring. How will you use it to your benefit? Let’s talk. 

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