Real Estate Content: Top 5 Tips to Make Your Personality 💥Pop💥

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Anyone in real estate will tell you how important personality is in building relationships and establishing trust. But how can you infuse your personality into your real estate content while still remaining professional? 

In this article we’re breaking down how to use:

🏌🏼Lifestyle Content

🌇 Locations 

🧥 Wardrobe 

💬 Interview Questions 

➕ And More 

to set yourself apart from every other agent and really let your personality 💥pop💥 in your content. Are these tips you already know?? Only one way to find out 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

Why Is Personality So Important?

More Than Just a Transaction

The nature of real estate is extremely personal. Your clients aren’t just shopping around for a new pair of shoes or a piece of furniture. They’re shopping for something that will lay the groundwork for the next chapter of their life. 

It’s a major decision, and they’re trusting you to help them find not just any fit, but the right fit. It’s a level of trust that requires more effort than just sending over a few listings that you think they’d like.

These connections require trust and a deeper understanding of not only what your client wants, but who they are. Could you do the bare minimum? Absolutely. But if you’re looking to grow your clientele, expand your network, and close bigger and better deals, you need to put yourself out there. 

"It's especially important for real estate agents to think about their own personality and how they stand out from others. This is what builds that connection with clients, making you more relatable, and them more comfortable- even before they may know you personally!"

The Psychology of Trust

Whether you’re aware of it or not, there’s a lot of science that goes into what makes you inherently trust a person. And a lot of it ties back into personality traits. People naturally trust and gravitate towards those who come across as genuine, warm, open, and consistent. 

Presenting yourself as one-dimensional and closed off doesn’t necessarily mean people won’t be able to trust you. But it doesn’t really give them much of a reason to from the start. 

Of course, we’re not saying to not be yourself. Always be authentic, but just be aware of how your personality might be affecting others’ ability to put their trust in you. 

Relationship Building

Real estate agents do a lot of talking. Like seriously, a lot. Talking to buyers, talking to sellers, talking to their network. All day, you’re either forming, continuing, or strengthening your relationships in one way or another. 

Now think of that from the opposite perspective. As a client or a colleague, would you prefer to interact with someone you know almost nothing about and lacks authenticity? Or would you be more inclined to work with someone who forms a genuine connection and shares their interests? 

People don’t work with people they don’t like. That’s just a fact. 


Transparency is something that every person wants out of the people they do business with and real estate is no exception. Showing your personality shows vulnerability. It demonstrates that you’re not afraid to let people, even strangers, into your life, just as they shouldn’t be afraid to let you into theirs. 

Being open and transparent about who you are and what you do will strengthen others’ ability to trust that you won’t hold things back from them or treat them dishonestly. 

We’re not saying to be a completely open book. But by withholding your entire personality, your clients might begin to wonder what else you’re capable of withholding. 

So How Can You Add Personality To Your Real Estate Content

The first step is understanding what kind of content you’re interested in creating. A topic we dive deep into here:

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The Inside Scoop On Content: What Works Best and Why

Once you feel confident about what you want to put out there, here’s how you can take those ideas and infuse your personality into them. 


If there’s one facet of real estate that reigns supreme, it’s location. And real estate content is no different. A house is important, but the location forms a person’s lifestyle. It tells a story of who a person is. What sports teams they cheer for, how they eat their pizza, the kind of people they interact with. 

What locations make up your story? Are there local restaurants you frequent with your family, a park you go to on the weekends, or the gym you go to every morning? Anyone can say they are an active parent that enjoys the outdoors. But that doesn’t tell a story. Show the audience these locations in your content. 

Doing so not only highlights your personality but distinguishes you as an active and knowledgeable member of the community. Your client can be confident that you will provide them with the best service in the area because you know the area. 


Often an afterthought, the clothes you wear in your real estate content can say so much about your personality without saying anything at all. Colors, patterns, proper fitting, and brand. All of these factors tell a story. 

So when you’re strategizing content, think about who you are. Are you down-to-earth and easy-going or bubbly and attentive? Business-minded with killer negotiation tactics or athletic and constantly on the run? 

Use your wardrobe as a way to make that clear to your audience. You’d be impressed how big of a difference it can make. The clothes you choose give you an opportunity to present yourself exactly as you want to be seen right from the start. Don’t waste that opportunity.

"The questions we ask during interviews on the set matter the most, and that's why we try to get to know each agent's personality on our initial creative calls. Personalized questions result in the most personalized answers!"

Strategic Interview Questions

When we create content for real estate agents, we love developing questions that aren’t just surface level. Not only does it really allow their personality to show on camera, but it makes the interview process so much more comfortable.

Talking about yourself or just stating facts can feel awkward and lukewarm. But it’s incredible to see a person light up when we ask about their passions and interests. Here are some examples:

BTS (Behind The Scenes) Content

First, we will say that having high-quality, well-thought-out images and videos is extremely important. Period. That being said, only showing your staged, edited, and produced content to your audience might come across as unrelatable or inauthentic. 

Whenever we are on set with clients or agencies, we recommend capturing plenty of candid or real-life content to show the behind-the-scenes look into the process. In doing so, the quality of the content still remains the same; however, it lifts the curtain in a way that staged content couldn’t. Offering an inside look into your business and your personality. 

"Incorporating your daily lifestyle, hobbies, community involvement, family, and more can be a huge help to show off your personality while giving the video interesting visuals that's never been seen before in another agent video."

Lifestyle Content

Similar to location, what are the elements of your life that make you, you? What makes up your story? Do you love bowling with your family, working in your garden, or whipping up gourmet meals? Showing off these aspects of your life helps bring your personality to life. 

Showing you as more than just a real estate agent, but a real person. That’s what will differentiate you from other agents and keep you in the front of people’s minds.  

Have Fun With It

At the end of the day, creating real estate content should be fun and exciting! 

Yes, you’re great at your job, but your personality is rare and unique. It sets you and your experience apart and provides you with differentiators that belong exclusively to you and no one else. Use it to your advantage!  

Great content awaits. Need help getting started? Give us a call. 

We’re continually evolving over here at INDIRAP. Whether it’s the content we’re putting out, the brands we look to for inspiration, or the technology we use. We’re never satisfied standing still. 

So if you’re looking for a creative partner to constantly challenge you and help you grow, you’ve come to the right place. 

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