Pre-Production | All You Need To Know Before You Start Your Video Project 🎥

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Before we can start filming a brand video, or any video for that matter, there’s so much prep that goes into pre-production that most people know nothing about. In this article, we’re walking you through each necessary step that has to happen before we can finally press that record button.

We’re talking about:

🤝 Getting to know you

📝 Nailing down the important details

😎 And how to feel prepared

You ready to ease those pre-filming nerves? It’s all waiting for you right here 👇🏽👇🏽

What Is Pre-Production?

Pre-Production is the process of gathering everything you need and finalizing essential work on a project before full-scale production begins.

Why Is It Needed?

Put simply – to avoid chaos. And to ensure that the final product is goal-oriented, cohesive, and exactly what you are envisioning. 

Of course, we need to figure out the basics, like time and place, before a shoot. But so much more needs to be planned out before we can just start rolling. Imagine if we just showed up to set unprepared and said, “Alright, what’s the plan?” That would just be a waste of everyone’s time and your money. 

Pre-production planning allows us to get a full understanding of what your goals are for this video, how you want it to feel, and just who you are as a brand. The more we understand you and your business, the more we’ll be able to make those elements shine in the final product. 

This video is an investment that’s meant to save you time and money down the line. And the last thing we want is for it to fall short of your expectations or cause added stress. 

Without the essential pre-production stage, every other step in the process can easily fall apart and result in miscommunication, extended turn-around times, and headaches for everyone involved. 

What To Expect During Pre-Production

Meet & Greet + Creative Session(s)

Before we jump into production, it’s important to understand you, your brand, and what you hope to accomplish. With so much competition out there, it’s crucial that we have a chance to talk and get to know your personality, strengths, and expertise. Basically what makes you, YOU. So we can pinpoint your differentiators and help you stand out amongst the others.

This is also a great opportunity to start brainstorming some creative concepts and set the foundation for any basic elements you’d like to see in your video. Such as interviews, voiceovers, animated details, or more. Depending on the scope of the project, this process and the number of creative sessions can vary a bit. 

Pre-Production Meeting(s) to Go Over the Details

This is where we go over all those seemingly small details that can end up causing huge hiccups, confusion, and delays if they’re not nailed down and agreed upon before production has begun.  

These details include: 

📍 Location 

📅 Date/Time

🎥 Equipment Needed

 Video Length 

📄 Script if Needed 

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Who’s Involved

🧥 Wardrobe 

⚡️ Overall Look, Vibe, & Feel

🤔 Ideally, some Plan Bs in case life happens and we need to adjust

These are all things we have to consider before even stepping on set to ensure a smooth production. 

Feeling Prepared On Set

Good production is done very methodically and strategically. Because chaos isn’t fun, especially on a time-limited set. If everyone’s on the same page before production begins, then it becomes nearly impossible to forget important aspects of the video or lose valuable time trying to make decisions on the fly. 

On every set, there are almost always going to be things we can’t control and need to adapt to. Such as the weather, furniture set-ups, sound pollution, absent crew members; the list goes on. So the more we can have planned out beforehand, the better. 

We know being on camera can be an anxiety-inducing idea and some people just don’t want to think about it until the day of; telling themselves they’ll just wing it. But we can say from experience that arriving onto a set feeling prepared will help you to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. And that comfort visually translates into confidence on screen. 

Knowing what you’re doing and having an idea of what you’re getting out of it before the edit helps put everyone involved at ease. 

Want even more insights into how to prepare for a video interview? Check out our Top Industry Secrets 😉 

Is it Worth it?

Source: HubSpot

Why Do we Do It?

There are plenty of reasons why we put so much thought into pre-production. But the main one is because it shows in the final product. A poorly planned video is going to get poor results. That’s just the way it goes. 

We know you’re busy and always on the move. We are too, so we get it. But that’s precisely why having a plan in place and knowing where to be and when is so important. 

At the end of the day, we just want to give you the absolute best experience and deliver you a final product that far exceeds your expectations. We can’t wait to get started. 

We’re continually evolving over here at INDIRAP. Whether it’s the content we’re putting out, the brands we look to for inspiration, or the technology we use. We’re never satisfied standing still. 

So if you’re looking for a creative partner to constantly challenge you and help you grow, you’ve come to the right place. 

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