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Finally, A Simple Way To Gain Visibility Into Your Hospital’s Supply Chain.

The concept of GOO came out of Harold’s long work history in the hospital supply chain continuum.  For years Harold grappled with many issues and problems as he climbed the ranks of the supply chain ladder.  As he continued to excel in his career he solved many of the issues he personally experienced as a technician than as a manager.  However, one particular problem in supply chain visibility evaded him and was not being addressed fully.  Other partial solutions existed in the market place; although, they came nowhere near the mark when it came to completely resolving the issue.

After surpassing his threshold for pain on this problem and exhausted all efforts in working with trading partners, Harold drew a line in the sand and started taking action on his own accord to solve this issue.  He envisioned a total supply chain solution that would completely eliminate waste from the system, saving the hospital millions of dollars, making it easier for his clinical counterparts to work more effectively with the supply chain, producing outstanding service to his internal customers, increasing nursing satisfaction so his clinical counterparts could spend that time saved treating patients.

In order to make this happen, Harold connected with some of the brightest people he knows & trusts in the industry with proven track records.  Hybrent is an organization solely dedicated to solving real problems in the hospital supply chain and providing ground-breaking technology, business intelligence and visibility beyond the limits of current enterprise systems to help you make better decisions when running your healthcare organization.


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