Photography: The Future of Business

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It’s official…INDIRAP has copped Chris Costoso as our Head Photographer. Sit down and get cozy with us while Julian Tillotson chats with Chris Costoso about why photography is for the future of business and why this partnership meshes so well and just makes sense.

Watch the full video on YouTube, and be sure to like and subscribe for even more helpful content. And keep reading below for a summary of their chart on why your business’s future relies on photography. 

It’s Like Going to the Doctor

It used to be the norm that businesses would schedule team headshots once every 7 years or so and just use stock images for any marketing and media purposes. But now, the constant intake of media by consumers has thrown that tradition in the garbage. And set it on fire. In our video with Chris Costoso, he says, “The first photoshoot is just the beginning of the process. It’s like going to the doctor.” It’s something you have to do regularly. There’s always new equipment to use and better methods to take advantage of. Don’t fall behind while your competitors shoot forward.


Photography and Products 

The same goes for showcasing your products. Could you simply take one image of your product, throw it on your website, and hope for the best? Sure. But why not take advantage of all the visual platforms out there that can bring your products to life and generate stories? Example: A picture of a shoe on a site with a white background vs. that same shoe on a model running through rocky terrain. One just shows a shoe. The other tells the story of the shoe’s durability and the strength that is obtained by wearing that shoe. So yeah, you can just put out basic photography and never update it, but you’re really just shooting yourself in the foot.


Trust and Transparency 

The visuals you present will be the first impression consumers have of your brand; make sure they’re painting an accurate picture. Julian states, “Don’t just hide behind your logo.” Meaning people want to know who they’re doing business with, so show them! Photography can show the faces behind a business in a way that words simply can’t. 


The Camera is the Smallest Part of Business Photography

Anyone with a camera can call themselves a photographer, but those in the photography business knows the camera plays the smallest role. There’s an insane amount of thought that goes into each shot. Scheduling and planning for optimal lighting. Advising clients on what to wear. All of the constructive critiques that go into the editing process. Being on-site to communicate with the client, answer their questions, and educate them on the process. It’s a team effort that goes far beyond the push of a button.


The Real Investment Value of Photography

Going off of that last point, that’s where the real investment value of business photography lies. It goes beyond just images. It’s all the strategy and know-how that goes into a shoot to ensure the outcome is more than just what the client wants; it’s what they need. When you’re investing in photography for your business, you’re not just receiving a few photos. You’re receiving a thoughtful and intentional shoot that will help you achieve your business goals.


How to Plan Ahead 

Look at your current business photography and ask yourself how fresh it is. If you’re still rocking photos from 2018, it’s time to refresh. From there, how often should you be refreshing your content? In our video, Costoso suggests monthly shoots for optimal content and stretching that out to maybe 3 months at the max in between shoots. Like we said, treat it like a doctor’s appointment. Look at your calendar for the year ahead and plan out when the best times to shoot will be a why.


How Can We Help? 

Need help planning out a strategy? We’re here for ya! We offer free 15-minute strategy sessions with our professionals to provide exactly this kind of advice. So give us a call, and we’ll hook you up!


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