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My name is  Jon Yaezel,I’m 25 years old, and I’m here to tell you a little about my life, as well as my new product, the gentleman’s Fashion Anchor.

It all started in about the third year of college for me when I picked up my first issue of GQ magazine. I think for many of us it was the first point where we really started learning about fashion and seeing the difference in the way that most guys dress, and the person who could be considered well dressed can look. You start paying attention to the fit, you start to look at what custom could look like, and you start paying a lot more attention to tailoring in general.
What the Fashion Anchor allows you to do is to take a traditional style button down collar and apply that process to any collar of your choice.  Whether it’s a polo shirt collar or just a regular dress shirt collar. You’re gonna get the same kind of look of the button down collar but it’s going to be a more refined modern touch.
One of my personal favorite uses for the Fashion Anchor is what I call the Pocket Square Fastener. This allows you to where any style of pocket square you want, whether its a puff fold, straight fold, anything that you prefer. It keeps it in place all day long, you don’t have to mess around with putting kleenex in your pocket using safety pins or any of these different ways that guys have tended to adjust
to this common problem.  Another use for the Fashion Anchor is what I call the Secondary Tie Clip.  Different styles of the way we tie or ties allow the back of the tie to be either too short to get to the loop, or too long  Anchor allows you to lock it in place wherever it is on the back of your tie.
Personally I like to wear sweater vests a lot over my dress shirts. and with the fashion Anchor I never have to worry about the collar popping out of the vest.
To me, a well fitting suit should have a few elements, and one of those important elements is showing about a quarter inch to a half inch of cuff outside of your suit jacket sleeve.  What our Fashion Anchors will do is take that cuff, lock it right into place, and it’ll be showing just the right amount of cuff all day long.
Along with what we described already, there are so many other uses for the Fashion Anchor, and its really up to you as far as what you might need it for.

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