Leigh Marcus Talks INDIRAP | Client Testimonial

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For the past 4 years, Leigh Marcus has embraced video to elevate his real estate business. As a top Chicago real estate agent, Leigh has been a valued INDIRAP partner and has used video in numerous ways that have made a positive impact on his brand.

“People comment all the time about how they heard about us, checked out our website and saw all the benefits of working with us straight from that video” Leigh says. Watch the video below to see what else Leigh has to say about working with INDIRAP.



Leigh has produced several videos with INDIRAP, including his brand overview video that lives on his website and on YouTube. This video is great because it serves as a warm handshake and perfect pitch to anyone who comes across his name online. Brand overview videos like this one are perfect as a 24/7/365 sales tool and are a must-have for any real estate professional. 


Another innovative way that Leigh has used video is to give his potential buyers a look at the schools they can consider when searching for a home. Here’s an example of a video INDIRAP produced for Leigh about Hamilton Elementary School in West Lakeview.


INDIRAP has had a great experience working with Leigh Marcus and his team and looks forward to many more projects in the future!

Getting it right for our clients is what it’s all about. We’re proud to be able to provide such a high level of attention and customer service to each and every project we take on. To view all other INDIRAP Client Testimonials click here. 

“Anybody who is looking to use any digital tools to grow their business would be a great person and partner for INDIRAP.”

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