What is Branimation and Why Does Your Brand Need it?


When it comes to adding animation into the core of your brand, it takes more than just sprinkling in a few elements here and there for decoration.

In this article we’re breaking down the hot concept of Branimation, how it can supercharge your brand, and why it’s so essential. On your mark, get set, LFG.


All You Need To Know Before You Start Your Animation Project


The beginning of any project is always the most exciting; but also the most daunting! Especially when it comes to animation. It can be tough to know where to start, what questions you should be asking, and how much you should have figured out before you hop on that initial creative call.

So consider this your in-depth guide to get the ball rolling on your upcoming animation project.


How To Add More Animation Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy


To Animate or Not to Animate? You know you need to add more animated material into your digital marketing strategy, but how? Where do you start and how do you fine-tune your individual animation process to solidify it for the long haul instead of project-by-project? We’re laying allll the animation groundwork for you this week. You Ready?


How Many of These Website Crimes Are You Guilty Of?


There are so many ways to ruin your website. We see it all the time. Too much copy, stock photo after stock photo, never ending load times. The list goes on. And honestly, some of these mistakes are so small, it’s hard to tell you’re even making them!

So, for peace of mind, we decided to compile a checklist of all the absolute worst website crimes you can commit. How many of them are you guilty of and what can you do to make it better? Only one way to find out 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽


Top Reasons You Need to Hire a Professional Company to Design Your Website


Your website does so much for your business. It’s a digital storefront, a salesman, a marketer, an entertainer, and an analyst all in one. Each element plays a vital, often unseen, role to your success. So why half-ass it? If you really want your website to carry it’s own weight, you’ve got to bring in the professionals. In this article we’re tackling all the benefits you can reap from hiring a skilled web designer to build out your site. Keep reading for allll the insights.


7 Steps To A Kickass Unforgettable Website


Building and managing a killer website doesn’t need to be complicated. Honestly. Over the years, we’ve perfected our web design strategies into a results-driven science, and now we’re gonna share our findings with you. In this article, we’re giving you our favorite sales-driven website hacks that are easy to apply and pack a powerful punch. You can thank us later.


A Beginner’s Guide To Building 7-Figure Sales Funnels


Sales funnels can be tricky. When was the last time you really took a look at yours? Noticed its cracks and flaws? Where do most people tend to fall off? And what can you be doing to eliminate that drop-off?

In this article, we’re diving into the sales funnel layer by layer and offering up useful tips on elements that can make a huge difference each step of the way. You ready?


Do You Need to Post on Social Media Every Day?


Does posting to social media stress you out sometimes? You’re not alone.

When you’re managing a social account for a brand or business, it can be tricky figuring out what to post and when to post it.

We like to think of social media as digital marketing hygiene – like taking a shower. You know it’s something you have to do, but the frequency is flexible and can depend on a bunch of different factors.

In this article, we’ll outline what those factors are and offer pro tips to help you determine exactly how often you should be posting to social media!


Top Industry Secrets To Prepare for a Video Interview


Whether you’re a seasoned pro or it’s your first time on camera, prepping for an interview can be stressful!

Of course, you want to come across as yourself and natural, but that can be tough when you’re overly focused on saying exactly the right thing. So to help out, we gathered some insider insights from our industry professionals.

These are the tips we relay to all of our clients to ensure that they feel ready, relaxed, and confident on set. From talking points to wardrobe prep, we’re breaking it all down. Let’s dive in.


Branded Video Content: Where to Start


When it comes to strategizing branded video content for your business, we know it can be tough to determine exactly what you need.

Are you looking to expand your audience? Establish credibility? Streamline your internal operations? Each type of video serves a unique purpose.

So in this article, we’re giving you an ideal starting point to ensure that the content you create is exactly what your business needs. But don’t worry, we’re not just simply listing off random video types. We’re going deeper and breaking down each one based on what it can do for you specifically. Let’s get started.


Animated Video | The Powerful Marketing Tool You Need


There’s a reason animated video has become such a popular marketing resource in recent years. In fact, there are a ton of reasons. In this article we’re breaking down what makes animated video so powerful, including some insights directly from master Video Editor, Chris Jon Conti, based on his own experiences.


Instagram Changes Are Coming | Are You Prepared?


The Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, recently announced that Instagram is “no longer just a square photo-sharing app.” What exactly does he mean and how will these upcoming changes affect you? It’s all in this week’s blog. Let’s dive in

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