Interactive Videos – The Future of Video Marketing

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Short-form video content has been the talk of the digital marketing world for quite some time now. However, one type of short-form video content that businesses should focus on in the future is interactive videos. 

It’s no hidden fact that with so much video content available on the internet today, businesses are looking for new ways to cut through the noise and gain an edge over their competitors. 

But how is an interactive video format different from the type of video content you’ve been using till now? The answer lies in its implementation. 

If you’re curious enough to discover more about the future of video content in the digital marketing world, then don’t forget to scroll till the end of this article!

What are Interactive Videos?

Interactive videos are a non-linear video format that enables viewers to engage or interact with the video content by clicking on certain hotspots in the video, answering questions, defining their path of engagement, and other types of engagement.

Interactive videos can cater to many purposes, including building a communication channel between consumers and businesses, boosting your conversion rate, and fostering holistic customer engagement. You’d be surprised to learn that nearly 28% of global marketers already incorporate interactive videos in their digital marketing strategy.

Here’s an example:

There are a variety of interactive videos that you can use to promote your business:

  1. Hotspots: There are certain clickable areas in such interactive videos that allow consumers to discover something new every time they engage with your content.


  2. Branched Stories: In this form of interactive videos, viewers can choose their engagement path whenever they watch your video content and decide what they want to watch.


  3. Polls and Quizzes: As the name suggests, these interactive videos are filled with polls and questions that compel users to provide valuable answers.


  4. 360-degree View: With this form of interactive video, viewers can completely immerse themselves in an out-of-the-world video experience.


What are the Advantages of Interactive Videos?

A major reason why interactive videos are becoming increasingly popular among digital marketers is that they provide an excellent return on your investment. These videos are funny, trendy, and offer valuable customer input to businesses. 

Furthermore, this video content effectively generates new leads for your business. It leaves a deep impression on the minds of your consumers about your products and services. 

In a nutshell, with interactive videos at work, your brand will no longer have to fight for the attention of its target audience. These videos are highly likely to get viral and grab the attention of your consumers for a longer time.

How Can You Make an Interactive Video?

1. Think About Your Concept: 

Before you start creating interactive video content, you need to brainstorm a concept for the same. 

Ask yourself questions like – what will be the concept behind the video? What journey do you want to take your customers on through the video? What points about your business, products, and services should you highlight? 

Your marketing objectives will define the answer to these above-mentioned questions. Once you have this sorted, you will need to figure out how you will engage your audience – through quizzes, polls, hotspots, or a 360-degree view. You can even test different types of interactive videos to figure out which will work the best for you. 

2. Identify Your Video Platform: 

The type of interactive video you decide on will determine the platform for showcasing it. There are various types of video platforms available today. These include – Adobe, Verse, and Eko. The right platform selection will help make the video even more engaging and lessen your workload as well.

3. Decide Your Video Distribution Plan: 

Once you have the interactive video content laid down with all the intended elements on your desired platform, you need to figure out a video distribution plan. Again, you will need to leverage various social media marketing channels and emails to take on this journey with you. 

You can even create short-loop videos or GIFs to generate curiosity in the minds of your viewers about your content. Furthermore, this will make it easier for viewers to share your content online. 

4. Performance Review: 

Once your video is out there on the internet and being watched by millions of consumers across the globe, the next step is to analyze how people engage with it. 

You need to define the metrics to analyze how many viewers are clicking on your videos, how many are checking out your original website, whether or not people are answering the video polls and quizzes, etc. Better metrics and better insights into your video performance will define your business growth trajectory in the future. 


If you aim to gain a competitive edge in the market and leave your customers amazed with your products and services, then interactive videos can help you achieve this feat! Just incorporate this content in your digital marketing strategy and watch it do wonders for your business!

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