The INDIRAP Internship Experience: Caroline Elsey

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Summer isn’t over yet, but unfortunately we’re saying goodbye to our 2019 summer interns this week. They have been a tremendous help to us and instantly became valuable members of the INDIRAP team. Whether it was in pre-production, sales, helping out on set, assisting with marketing content, or even editing, INDIRAP interns hit the ground running on day one. Keep reading to hear from University of Missouri senior Caroline Elsey about her INDIRAP internship experience this summer. 

What did you come into this internship hoping to learn? Did you learn it?

I came into INDIRAP hoping to understand more about production and working with cameras in a client focused setting, but this company has taught me so much more. In terms of being successful in the business world, my communication skills have improved and matured, I’m able to better understand the necessary steps it takes to deliver a satisfactory final project for our clients, and I now know how to be flexible and manage my daily tasks with the overall goal of our company’s process. 


What was something you didn’t expect to learn but did anyways?

I never expected to learn so much in terms of pre-production, and now its my favorite part about our company! I’ve learned how to create strategic production documents for our clients and their brands, and the importance of seeing a project through until the end so that their final deliverable is a true representation of their company, making it a powerful piece of content for their marketing. 


What was your favorite project to work on this summer?

My favorite project this summer was a production trip to Indianapolis for a company overview video. I enjoyed working closely with Julian and Peter on the production side of things and the opportunity to practice getting better at coordinating schedules, making sure we are capturing the visuals needed, and asking interview questions to our clients. Having a chance to work so closely with two people who have been with the company from the start really gave me perspective on how far we’ve come as a company and the progress we continue to make as we grow for the future. 


What’s a skill you learned this summer you know you will continue to use? 

This summer I learned a lot about communication, organization, and prioritizing. Sometimes I’ll be given tasks back to back and I’ve learned that it’s important to finish some things before beginning on others, keep things neat and organized- especially when I’m handling multiple projects at once, and to always communicate with others on any confusion or hiccups that I’ve encountered. It’s never a bad thing to ask for help or clarity, especially when miscommunicating only wastes more precious time for our business and myself. 

What made this internship different from other internships you’ve had?

The INDIRAP internship has differed from my usual line of work- I have always worked in restaurants, surrounded by customers and the connotation that they are always right. With INDIRAP that is still true, but what differs is the way that you interact with your clients. It’s refreshing that my input and suggestions are always taken into account and acknowledged, instead of having to compensate my own skills and personality I am encouraged to help the client by working alongside them to create a better overall vision. So, instead of working for the customer, we work with the customer to deliver the best end result that fits our level of production with their expectations for the project. 


Anything else you want to say about your experience?

I have gained a sense of community and belonging with the people I work side by side with and each and every employee of the INDIRAP team has helped me to grow and improve as an individual in my skills and expertise. I want to especially thank Lydia Smyth for all her patience and help while teaching me the ways of pre production. From how to fill out Keynote production documents for clients to explaining how we go about getting voiceovers and communicating with clients before entering the production stage- I have learned and grown so much with her help and I’m looking forward to working more closely with her in the future. Thanks for another awesome summer, INDIRAP.


Thanks to Caroline for all of her help this summer! 


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