The INDIRAP Internship Experience: Ben Eizenga

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Summer isn’t over yet, but unfortunately we’re saying goodbye to our 2019 summer interns this week. They have been a tremendous help to us and instantly became valuable members of the INDIRAP team. Whether it was in pre-production, sales, helping out on set, assisting with marketing content, or even editing, INDIRAP interns hit the ground running on day one. Keep reading to hear from Calvin University senior Ben Eizenga about his INDIRAP internship experience this summer. 

What did you come into this internship hoping to learn? Did you learn it?

Being a Marketing+Video Production student and having done a few corporate videos on my own, I really wanted to learn how to do the business side of Video Production. I worked closely with the Sales team and Marketing team learning the best ways to get good leads and transfer that to a proposal and finally the video. I knew the video side of things well and this has inspired me to do the heavy lifting first before getting too quickly caught up in the creative. 


What was something you didn’t expect to learn but did anyway?

Before coming to INDIRAP, I was positioning myself toward doing more video with a little marketing, but after being in the day-to-day grind at my INDIRAP internship. I really think that I want to reorient my trajectory to the marketing side of video. That might seem confusing but what it really comes down to is that video production requires so many people and has a huge market. There is definitely a need for not only creative types in video production, but everyone that has the drive to help create good video content.

Above is a video that Ben cut together that was posted on our social platforms.

What was your favorite project to work on this summer?

I felt the most accomplished in helping out the sales team. I prospected leads and potential clients to get their team a steady stream of tasks so that they could focus just on calling and meetings. It was really great to see Tyler, Paloma, and Jon doing the work to get the work. We made tons of appointments and they met with lots of new clients. It was fun to help out!


What’s a skill you learned this summer you know you will continue to use? 

I also helped out Sarah with editing and getting content for Social media. I realized the power that a cool title/graphic has over a simple image. I loved seeing what worked and playing around with the different series of content. I am going to be employing this in my Instagram (@ben.eiz) as I start to work on my video projects. It’s so important to create your own hype and buzz around things that you are working on. I am already watching youtube videos about after-effects to create new graphics for myself! In addition, seeing the drive of the INDIRAP team has been so inspiring.


Another video Ben edited during his INDIRAP internship for our social platforms.

What made this internship different from other internships you’ve had?

INDIRAP is a very communicative company and they drive hard to get shit done. Other internships I have felt left out of conversations, given throw-away tasks, or frustrated in reaching a plateau. INDIRAP drives too hard to not have its interns working. They gave a space to grow and experience a self-starting workplace.

An INDIRAP #NODAYSOFF Episode made from footage shot by Ben.

Thanks to Ben for all of his help this summer and thanks to Chicago Semester for connecting us with Ben! 


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