How We Use Video to Sell Any Kind of Real Estate

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Real Estate has always been an instrumental component of INDIRAP. Not just because we love experiencing new places, but because our clients know we always kill it. 

Yes, each property requires its own unique production style and techniques. But no matter where the location is, what the conditions are, or what type of property we’re shooting, one thing always remains the same. 

Our undying dedication to reach perfection and help our clients profit. We treat each project as an opportunity to tell a story in a cinematic and captivating way and in 2020 we were able to achieve that goal many times over. Let’s check out the range.

Luxury Development Overview

Filmed in the heart of Chicago, this luxury Real Estate Development Video incorporates a wide variety of shots to highlight the complex’s interior, exterior, and amenities. We combined drone footage and time-lapse shots to provide cinematic and sweeping views of the architecture and the surrounding area.

The juxtaposition of wide shots and close-ups gives the viewer a sense that they are touring the property themselves and picking up on each small detail.

Penthouse Property Tour

For this individual Property Tour, we got into the nitty-gritty and were really able to capture every detail of this space in a dynamic and descriptive way. During this project, we documented the entire walkthrough process that we go through before filming. Are any chairs out of place? Can any cords be hidden? Which angles show the space in the best light? 

We specialize in this hyper-level of perfection that a potential resident might not notice, but any other agents or property managers sure will. And we attach this attention to detail to every project we take on. No exceptions. 

Virtual Tour

This Virtual Tour video was designed to warmly welcome potential residents to the property without bogging them down with an overwhelming amount of information. Throughout the tour, we bring the viewer along and add-in graphics to point out details that one would receive in an in-person tour. 

Our stylistic shots and informative edits showcase the surrounding area, the interior, and the exterior all while keeping the video at an easily digestible 2 and a half minutes.

Vacation Development

This Vacation Development project really allowed us to get creative. Since the purpose was to sell lots for owners to build their dream homes on, we were tasked with telling a story not of what is already there, but what could be. 

Our visuals focused heavily on close-ups surrounding wildlife and scenic shots of already existing properties to set the scene. We then utilized the power of storytelling. The descriptive script was intricately layered with those images to allow the viewer to imagine their dream waterfront home without us ever even stepping foot inside a property. 

Single family Property Tour

Our drone got some serious altitude while capturing this massive estate! Shooting single-family homes can be tricky, especially such expansive ones like this. The sheer amount of space can feel intimidating and a lot of real estate videographers will rely solely on wide shots to show the whole space. And yeah, wide shots are needed, but depending on those means you’re missing out on all those small details that really make a home special. 

After shooting, we then take all that footage and edit it into a strategic flow that really tells a story. It’s all so precise, and more thought goes into it than you think.

Our real estate shoot process consists of so much more than pointing and shooting. We set the scene, we use the highest quality equipment out there, and our post production team really brings out each place’s magic. Implementing dynamic speeds, captivating music, informative graphics, or really anything else that a specific video calls for. 

It’s an incredible process to be a part of. And we can’t wait to see the next property we have the privilege of shooting.

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