How to Win Over Your Audience’s Hearts With Content 🖤

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Nobody likes getting ghosted. Even brands. In this article, we’re dishing out everything we know about how to create content that your audience is guaranteed to fall in love with.

Think of us as cupid. But instead of arrows, we’re shootin’ out facts. Just promise not to break your customers’ hearts. You ready to dive in? Let’s goooo. 

Step 1 : Know Your Audience

Before you start creating content that will blow people away, you gotta know who you’re talking to. 

Target Audience

Your target audience is the specific group of people you’ll be aiming to reach with your content. And it’s by far one of the most crucial elements to content creation. 

Many of people believe that it’s best to attempt to make content that speaks to everyone. In other words, they cast their net waaay too wide. 

When asked who their target audience is, they’ll say things like, “Everyone” or “Millenials” or “Anyone who [insert generic everyday activity here].” But essentially, by talking to everyone, they end up talking to no one. 

Narrowing down on a small strategic group sounds like you’re limiting your reach. But what you’re really doing is trimming the fat. Why waste your money trying to reach people that don’t have any use for what you’re selling

The more niche your audience is, the more valuable you can make your content. Instead of “I’m talking to everyone and anyone that will listen,” it becomes, “I’m talking directly to YOU.” And which of those do you think holds more power? 

Secondary Audience

Your secondary audience should be just as strategic but is typically a bit less obvious and can take more work to determine. These are the people who may not have a personal interest in your product or service but hold influence over those who do. 

Think commercials on kid’s TV channels. It’s understood that the kid isn’t going to see an ad for the next big toy and go out and buy it themselves. But what they will do is go to their parents (the target audience) and convince (beg) them to do just that. They hold influence and are therefore a major group to consider when creating content.


Your audience demographics are the fundamental factors that define a person. The they’re the baseline facts you can determine by doing the minimum in getting to know them.

Don’t get us wrong, these are vital things to know, but when you’re developing content with the intent to really speak to someone, you’re gonna want to dig a little deeper.


Psychographics are the more personal details that dig down deeper into the more unique aspects of a consumer and require a bit more research and critical thinking to successfully nail down.

These details are what’s really going to drive your strategy. Not only in content creation but also in distribution. Which is why it’s so important to have a solid understanding of before you start developing your content.

Where to Look

The best place to start is right in front of you. Look at your brand. Who does your current customer base consist of? Do you notice any patterns within that audience, or does one group dominate? Maybe you’re able to differentiate multiple market groups. That’s great! But how do you know what kind of content they’ll find value in? That takes some research. 

Primary Research

The most straightforward way to find answers is to ask your audience directly directly. Find people within your ideal demographics and ask them what their desires and opinions are. Ask them what motivates them. You can make assumptions all day long, but if you don’t have the data to back it up, you’re just taking a shot in the dark.

Secondary Research

Another great place to source data is looking into paths that others have already forged for you. There’s an endless supply of market research out there waiting to be mined for insights. So really, not having fresh content ideas is never an excuse. If you know the right places to look, you can find an endless supply of information that can be used to develop content strategies. Use it. 

Step 2 : Create Your Content With Them In Mind

Picture Your Ideal Customer

What do they look like? It might sound weird. But try imagining this fictional “ideal customer.” Give them a name, age, gender. Bring them to life by figuring out what kind of clothes they’re wearing, how they like to travel, what kind of shows they like to watch. Honestly anything. Give them a thoughtful background that centers around your target demographics and psychographics.

Now Talk to Them.

Imagine you’re having a conversation with them. What would you say? What would they want to hear? How would you answer any questions they would ask you?  What kind of conversation would they be interested in or see as a valuable use of their time? 

Use your content as a way to establish a connection and make them feel special. Sounds corny AF, we know. But developing a connection with a customer is the same as developing a relationship. Nobody wants to be one of the many. They want to be seen and understood. 

Be Strategic, But Have Fun With It

Obviously, your content will be goal-oriented; you want it to accomplish something. But that does NOT mean it has to be boring or generic. Get creative and have fun with the content you create. Truly, your audience will be able to tell the difference. 

We said it before, but this is a relationship. If you get bored, so will they. 

There ya have it

Winning over your audience’s hearts is just the beginning. Because losing them is even easier. You have the basics down on finding the right people and forming the right connections. Now all you have to do is keep them satisfied. 

And if you need any help with that, of course, we’re here for ya. 

Because we think your customers deserve great content. Don’t you? 

We’re continually evolving over here at INDIRAP. Whether it’s the content we’re putting out, the brands we look to for inspiration, or the technology we use. We’re never satisfied standing still. 

So if you’re looking for a creative partner to constantly challenge you and help you grow, you’ve come to the right place. 

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