How to Grow Your Real Estate Business on TikTok

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At this point, it is common knowledge that video marketing is one of the best content strategies to promote any business. What is the best platform to do that? TikTok. With its increasing popularity, ease of accessibility, and of use, it is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to grow your real estate business.

TikTok has a massive user base and contrary to popular belief, its demographic is also quite extensive. Moreover, it has a wide range of content present on it which makes it a diverse platform, especially for video marketing.


Tips to Grow Your Real Estate Business on TikTok

If you are wondering how you can leverage this platform to the best of your use, look no further. Here are some tips to grow your real estate business on TikTok.

1.  Make it Unique

Video content creation is at an all-time high right now. Although that might reflect how effective it can be, it also makes it difficult to come up with something unique. But fret not, you can save the day with proper strategy. Make sure to highlight the key points of your property and the advantages that are present. You can add a tagline or a signature move to mark your videos and differentiate them from others. There can be a range of other things that you can add including your own opinions and experiences.

2.  Keep an Eye on Trends

Utilize the latest trends on TikTok or even the broader social media spectrum to grab more eyeballs. Using trending music or hashtag or even formats can give you a better chance to land up on TikTok’s “For You” page. This will also help you reach beyond just your target audience.

And it doesn’t even have to be you singing or dancing. You can also make use of an audio or trend to also stand out from the rest. Keep your focus on highlighting your products to make a better impact on everyone watching the video.

3.  Make it Short and Sweet

As we all know, TikTok mainly became famous because of its use of short-form videos. Many other social media platforms, like Instagram, followed suit. This is because these short videos create much more intrigue and interest among the audience. With your TikTok videos, make sure to make them impactful in short.

To make sure the user stays with your video, provide something of a hook. Although it might feel like you would not want to reveal too much information, start with hints or a related question without giving it all away at once.

4.  Choose an Appropriate Username

While having a cool username is all fun and games, it is always more helpful to have your intent right in your username. This way, your targeted audience will have an easier time finding your account. You can add keywords for your business, like real estate, keywords related to your location or area, or speciality to your username. 

Vague usernames often put off users. Even if your video content is good, they might not understand your intent and get past your username and introduction. So, make sure to ring them in from the get-go. 

5.  Have Regularity 

One of the best ways to take advantage of the TikTok algorithm so that your videos grab enough eyeballs is to maintain regularity in your content creation. This will create anticipation within your regular audience as well. It also increases your chances to be discovered by new users. 

One of the best ways to maintain regularity is to have a series of videos. Make unique content by adding anecdotes that can be from your daily work or even your personal life. This will make your audience more engaged because they will then be able to see the real person behind the work. 

Take Away

Why wait around when your real estate business can get boosted today? Have a wider audience reach and increased popularity through a simple app, TikTok. 

In case you are worried about how you will strategize your video content or make it, fret not. We are here to help you in every kind of way! Contact us and we will make sure to help you produce the best professional-grade videos for your business.

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