How to Get More Customers with Video Content?

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Video content is a passive form of digital marketing that allows consumers to engage with your business in unimaginable ways.. Video content has created a new wave of explosion in the digital world. It is a robust communication platform to generate more awareness about your brand and reach your target audience. 

Did you know? Nearly 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every single minute. So, in case you’re looking to gain more customers without investing too much monetarily, then you can do so by putting out amazing video content on the internet.

How to Increase Customer Engagement through Video Marketing?

  • Incorporate Your Video Content on Your Website:

Your company’s website acts as the storefront of your brand, and you must personalize it as per your brand’s objectives and story. A website is an effective platform to showcase your products and services to your customers and present them to the world. 

Your customer conversion rate can increase by including videos on your landing pages. High-quality and super-engaging video content will improve the shareability of your content and make your brand more accessible to your viewers. This will also have a positive effect on your brand’s reputation. 

  • Share Your Content on Social Media Platforms:

You can increase your business productivity and reach your engagement peak on social media by sharing your video content. Approximately 3.8 billion people across the globe are currently using social media to express their views, opinions, and feelings. 

This proves that social media is an expressive platform wherein people come to search for better results for their problems. You can easily convert your potential visitors into paying customers by sharing your video content on all your social media accounts. 

  • Work on Creating Video Testimonials:

A clever way to prove your products and services is to create video testimonials. Through video testimonials, your current customers can tell your viewers about their experience with your products and services and help you generate more leads. 

Genuine video testimonials are a powerful tool to compel potential viewers into making a better-informed decision and skyrocket your sales. A major advantage offered by video testimonials is that they help represent your product better in a short period and project the happiness of your customers with your products and services. 

  • Conduct Webinars:

Webinars are a longer format of video content that can be used for lead generation. This helps people learn your brand story more effectively and humanize your brand. It can help effectively grab the attention of your target audience and resolve more customer queries. Therefore, creating a monthly webinar can increase the return on your investment and foster better consumer-brand relationships. 

  • Add Videos to Your eBooks:

eBooks can be an effective tool to provide valuable information to your customers about your products and services. However, eBooks can be quite tedious for a customer to sit and read. Therefore, to engage your customers for a long time, it’s important to add relevant video content between the pages. This will help achieve your marketing goals much faster.

  • Incorporate Video Content in Your Emails:

Email marketing plays a critical role in keeping your customers hooked to your brand. A regular email about your brand’s latest updates, sales, etc., helps readers make a better purchase decision. Even though email marketing is a traditional marketing approach, it is still used by most digital marketers in the modern digital world today. 

As per the latest email marketing data, emails with relevant video content have a 19% higher open rate than regular emails. So, if you want to stand apart from the crowd and bid goodbye to customer email fatigue, it is important to include relevant videos in your emails. 

  • Mobile Optimization of Videos:

Today, most of your audience uses their smartphone to access your website and social media content. Up to 63% of people across the globe use their smartphones to access videos, and only 30% use their laptops for the same. Therefore, optimizing whatever videos you create for mobile devices is important. 

  • Add Appropriate Call to Action:

A call to action is a simple and catchy phrase that encourages your customers to make a purchase decision after watching your videos. This action could be to watch another video, go through a special offer on your website, or reach out to you directly. A powerful CTA at the end of your video can help propel your lead generation mission even further. 


In a nutshell, video marketing can be an excellent tool to engage more with your target audience and generate quality leads. It can help you expand your business beyond your imagination and improve your brand awareness and reputation simultaneously. 

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