How to EXPLODE Your Sales With A Video Content Library 🤯

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Your service business deserves the limelight, and building up your video​ content library is the only way to get there. 

Sales are the main objective for any company, right? More sales are advantageous for all businesses. When sales upturn, they can help you put more money in the bank, regardless of how well or poorly your business is doing at that moment. 

In this article, INDIRAP sheds some light on viable solutions for sales, especially if your existing marketing tactics aren’t working or becoming a bit stale. It’s really quite simple too, all you have to do is make more videos. 

Not only do videos provide the highest return on investment, but it’s what your customers want marketers to create more of, so don’t sleep on building up that content library, especially if you’re in the service business. 

Don’t trust us, yet? That’s okay, but did you know, in contrast to other types of content, videos provide the highest return on investment, according to more than half of marketing experts worldwide.

Too many businesses have shied away from video marketing strategies because they didn’t know where to begin. They worry about doing it improperly. Some business owners have even said they don’t use video content because they lack the necessary tools. 

That won’t be a problem here. You can carry out every trick we are about to demonstrate with a smartphone or entry-level camera. There are no specialized or specific video equipment that is absolutely required for the steps below (We’ve got that covered for all our clients already)!

How to Use a Video Library Across Your Service Business

A video library is a channel you own and use to manage your video content. Users may update movies, change privacy settings and rights, and organize similar content in video libraries.

Video can be useful for:

  1. increasing traffic to your website
  2. improve communications with your clients
  3. expanding your email list, gaining more social media followers, and reaching more people with your brand
  4. advertising fresh goods or services

This is how to go about it:

1. Pick the Ideal Amount of Time to Spend on Your Videos

You might think that length should be a minor consideration while producing a video. Regardless of how long your video is, as long as you convey all you want to say, right? WRONG. 

The attention spans of viewers are brief. To pique curiosity and inspire people to want to learn more about your company, product, or service, you need only to offer the essential details. The ideal length for interaction is between one and two minutes.

2. YouTube posting

No prizes for guessing which website receives more traffic—YouTube—so you should put your film there if you want to boost sales.

The good news here is that doing this is simple. You can upload as many videos as you like to YouTube, and creating an account is free. When embedding a video on your website, you can also host it on YouTube.

3. Don’t Overlook Optimizing.

You’ll have to compete with A LOT of videos on YouTube, the second most popular website in the world. You must
optimize your video to increase your chances of standing out. This comprises:

  1. Including keyword phrases in the title and description
  2. Adding a video tag
  3. Making a captivating thumbnail
  4. All of this can be to your advantage in boosting audience engagement and, ultimately, sales through your video.

4. Create shareable video content

Your chances of success rise with the number of viewers your video receives. What, though, makes a video shareable?

A few things can improve a video’s “shareability” because people are likely to share videos that move them emotionally or convey a story. Additionally, it was evident that the least shareable videos were those that were overtly promotional and obvious commercials.

It’s crucial to remember that if you want your video to be posted on social media, you must ensure that it satisfies the requirements of the channel.

5. Make Personalized Videos

Personalization is a growing trend within the current increase in consumer
brand expectations.

Marketers and consumers alike are becoming increasingly interested in personalized films, and incredible outcomes have been seen.

6. Optimize for Viewers on Mobile

You must make sure that your video is optimized for mobile viewers since this is where most people currently watch videos.

In particular, if you’re sharing on Facebook, where 85% of all video is seen without sound, you should make sure your video is flexible to all screen sizes and makes sense without sound.

7. Add a Call to Action.

This may be the most crucial advice for using videos to boost sales. After all, viewers won’t convert if you don’t inform them what to do or where to go next.

There are several ways you can incorporate a call-to-action into your video. You can do it orally, on-screen, or both. Alternatively, you can provide a clickable link that directs readers to the following step to make it even simpler for them to convert.

Video Formats to Increase Sales

There are numerous forms of video that you can utilize to increase sales. Everything depends on what and to whom you are selling. Let’s examine various video formats to see which would be most effective for your service business.

1. Videos of Demos

Demo videos are fantastic if you’re trying to market a piece of software or an app. They enable you to demonstrate the specific functionality of your software or app through a screen-recorded demonstration. Since most individuals prefer to learn through video, this is ideal for boarding new users.

 Did you know? 96% of individuals claim to have watched an explainer film to learn about a good or service.

2. Videos for New Product Launches

If you’re launching a brand-new product or service, you’ll want to make a big deal and get as many potential customers as interested in it as possible. Making a product launch video is a great method to accomplish this and show off all the potential uses or benefits in the most captivating way possible.

Release a 30-second product launch video that describes your new product and why people should buy it rather than a lengthy press release. Then, you can utilize this to direct customers to your website so they can learn more.

It’s a fantastic tool for increasing website traffic and creating buzz around a new product to increase sales. Another option is to use a two-video method, wherein you post a teaser clip of the longer film on social media or in an email to potential clients. After that, you direct them to a website like INDIRAP, where they can view a thorough explainer film of the new product.

3. Videos on How To

How frequently have you Googled “How to” questions? Most likely, it’s a lot. The internet is the go-to resource for tutorials and learning how to execute tasks for billions of individuals. Why not position yourself as the authority on some of this information? Use some of your knowledge to offer free assistance to folks with trouble with certain activities or tasks relevant to your industry.

If you can assist them with a tiny problem, such as “how to create a CV” or “how to submit a tax return,” they will remember you and return to you in the future when they are ready to buy. This explains why how-to films are a successful component of an effective video marketing strategy.


There are various factors to consider when developing a successful video marketing plan, but there are also many things you can do to increase sales for your service business.

With so many choices, it creates a vast array of prospects and will increase the visibility of your service business to many customers who might not have been able to find you otherwise.



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