How Client Testimonial Videos Form a Human Connection

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What Is a Human Connection?

A human connection is a shared moment in which people are able to connect on a personal level. There are a variety of ways for consumers to experience these moments. Face to face, digitally, from one person to another, or between a person and a brand. These experiences build trust, generate loyalty, and form valuable bonds. 

Why are Human Connections Important For My Brand? 

Frankly, consumers are demanding these connections from the brands they interact with. If you aren’t offering your audience experiences in which they can connect with others, they will find another brand that does. People want to know you and your brand. They want to feel like they’re working with actual people who value them. Not just a business who treats them as a number. 

Are There Things I’m Already Doing? 

Most Likely! Every client that you work with and provide a service for is an opportunity to develop a connection. Therefore each review you receive about their experience is a chance to showcase that connection. So what do you do if you don’t have any videos of clients talking about what it’s like to work with your brand? Ask! Truly, it’s that simple. If you’re waiting for your clients to reach out and provide video reviews for you to use, it’s most likely not going to happen. So make it happen yourself by asking. 

I Feel Weird Asking My Clients To Do This For Me. 

It may feel odd asking a client for a video testimonial at first. But soon you’ll realize that your clients not only appreciate being listened to, but will most likely feel honored to be highlighted by your brand. Your testimonial is a chance to showcase them as well and talk about all the wonderful things they’re doing, so it’s truly a win-win. This experience further builds a human connection between you and them and makes them feel valued as a customer. 

Why Is Video The Best Way to Showcase Human Connections? 

There are many ways that you can highlight your positive reviews. Of course you always want to respond to any comments – good or bad – that are left by your audience. And quoting positive reviews on your website or social media posts will get the job done. However, we at INDIRAP know that truly nothing compares to video testimonials. It’s also been reported in a study by HubSpot that a whopping 72% of consumers prefer video over text when receiving information. 

Why Can’t I Just Quote My Clients? 

You can, but if you’re hoping to give your audience a personal, one-on-one experience with the clients you’ve worked with. Video is truly the best way to achieve that. Your audience won’t have to wonder about the validity of the reviews. They’ll have the credible source – the client – right there talking to them. It feels like a friend explaining to them why they love your brand and forms that connection that a quote just can’t. 

What If They Highlight Something I’m Not Happy About? 

An article by Forbes states that, “Sometimes feedback isn’t 100% positive. Or maybe the testimonial mentions something that you’d prefer not to highlight. Either way, collecting feedback is a great learning experience.”.  You’ll never know about your clients concerns or problems unless they tell you. Express to your audience that you truly care about their wants and needs and are eager to listen to them. It shows clients that you will value and reward their loyalty. Each issue clients address will give you a chance to make changes that will help your business to thrive and shows your clients that you want to form a lasting connection. 

What Do I Do With These Testimonials Once I Have Them? 

Display them everywhere! Create a section on your website that your audience can easily peruse. (Check out our site for an example!) You can also take audio clips or text quotes from the testimonial to create easy-to-digest social media posts. Write some copy summarizing the endorsement and what it was like working with the client and turn it into a blog post that can be shared by your brand as well as your client. Take photos during the filming process to capture some great visuals of your employees interacting with your clients. These photos can then be used for a variety of purposes for years to come. There are so many ways to get the most out of these testimonials and show your audience what working with your brand is like. So what are you waiting for? 


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