Gene Pena Talks Indirap

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Indirap client Gene Pena talks Indirap…

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How are are you doing, I’m Gene Pena.  I’m with Profit Financial, and I’m also a trusted member of the money smart network With “Masta Paula”??
I wanted to take this time out to tell you a little about Indirap Productions.
On a personal level, these guys did a bang up job on my engagement. You can look up on the archives and you’ll see that I, over the holidays I ended up proposing over at the Millennium Park skating rink., and they did like, a ninga move where they went in and pretended just to run into me and got it from the ground floor, me proposing to my fiancé. So on a personal level for anything, any of your wedding needs, any kind of special occasions, Indirap Productions is the place to go.
Now, as far as a professional level, these guys also have another dimension to them, and the level of quality that they have done. They did one for another endeavor where they did an interview with me when I was involved in the SEO sales, and I explained a little bit about the SEO sales, and what they did was very edgy, very front forward, thinking as far as the way they presented themselves. Made me look great! So, I just wanted to give a shootout to Indirap Productions, and let you know that they’ve got my full support and I’d use them for everything.   Julian are a one-two punch. They’re a great team, they work great together and you seldom find partnerships that work so well together and developed a certain level of synergy that they can impart onto their clients as well. And again, I hesitate to use the word, “client”, in the fact that the client always becomes their friend. THey really add a personal dimension to their business aspect and I love these guys through and through.

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