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My name is Desiree Vargas-Wrigley, and i am one of the co-founders of give forward.com.
Our company gives people personal fundraising pages so that loved ones from all over the world can contribute to their out of pocket medical expenses.
So when we were first looking for our merchant account provider, we did what a lot of companies do which is went on google, searched for whoever could provide the service and we ended up with a bunch of contracts that were really hard to read and it was such a huge difference when we heard about fee fighters because we went to the site, we just plugged in our monthly numbers, and immediately we got all these quotes and I was able to follow up with people right away and it was just night and day of difference between the first time we went for a merchant account and going through fee fighters.
At first we didn’t realize how much we would be saving with fee fighters, we saw a number but we knew our numbers were changing every month, and then the next month we did even more business than the previous month and we ended up saving $1200 because we switched to Fee Fighters, so its been a really great move for our business.

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