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Check out the The Inaugural Extreme Speakers Contest presented by Chicago’s Extreme Toastmasters.


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Extreme Toastmasters

Lady with bow “Make a choice to enjoy everything, and feel free to change your mind.”

Man with Glasses “What’s a place you really like to eat at in Chicago?”

Lady with Snake Skin Shirt-………

“It’s stage time, stage time, stage time, stage time, is what I heard yesterday all day.”

“Who’s going to produce you into write you, into becoming a better speaker, is gonna be at events like this. Please, just a minute, lets give Dwayne Jackson a hand please.”

“The ocean, forgot that it was an ocean, because it thought that it was another wave.”

who’s ready to get started?

Amy Segami

Okay, so, do I have everybody’s attention.  The first speaker is going to be Nancy.

Nancy- Have you ever been so scared, that you couldn’t get out of bed in the morning to face the day? Thats how I felt. She gently slid a piece of paper in front of me…”what’s that?”  Do you see what this is? One more thing.

….dead in the dirt!  Who wants it now?!

Time Wilson-

Careful how you go moving backwards and forwards  can be looked on as nervousness, or looked down as fear.

Was the way that you used calculation, by just pausing and looking up. Would you all picture it as a dog person?

Johnny Campbell-

You told us that the woman had passed away. To create a better effect you told us what she meant to you, then she passed away.  It creates a more meaningful effect at the end.

Jerry Evans

Why do we allow ourself to accept lust to cop our worth?  Why do we settle, instead of soar? Maximum security equals minimum. But you know what? Even the word possible says, ‘I’m possible’.

As I said, you can have anything you want in life, if you stand strong in believing. Believe it’s possible, believe its possible. And I’ll leave you with this, life is not just a journey to the grave, or arriving in a perfectly well preserved body, but rather, let it be a riot with champaign in one hand, strawberries in the other, bodily totally used up, totally worn out screaming “Whahooo!” What a riot.

Man with white hair and glasses- I was less comfortable with the whahoo simply because I was trying to imagine me at 90 years old going “whahoo”, or whatever age that is. I’m thinking more like “whahoooooo!”  If people are more shriveled up, perhaps a “whahooo” (whisper) would be a more appropriate thing.

Elizabeth Stevenson

Zeroed in, your energy was focused, and zoned throughout the room.

I also lost my job, lost my home.  I’ve been there, done that. And thats a connection. You’re in the moment, you are present.

Greg Thompson

Failure is not fatal, nor is it final, unless you make it that way.  Can I talk to you  if you had that number?  I just want to say to you that going back, is not an option.  But just assume that the pilot that turned on the engine, is going to jump forward again. I don’t talk to myself, do i? Thats the one.  Say it with me, “I will not go back!”  And if you can’t go back, then you must go, “FORWARD!”

And if you must go forward, then failure is not an option.

6:10– We’ve talked about money, success and love.  But if you talk about money, we’re over here and we said money, you just started to glide but you you stopped at success, and you come right back again with love.  But people don’t know that those are kind of pillars to the right one.

when you came over here you said you thought time could be fatal, I felt like when you were close to us, were you picking us? Were you saying that we were the failures?!

Amy Segami A ten. Seven.

Model- We do this on a regular basis, and if you’d like to give a speech then you can work on refining what you can do to become a better communicator, and also what those masters at becoming a better leader.

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