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When it comes to digital marketing, there are so many tricks of the trade it can be hard to keep up! Today, we’re going to be talking about landing pages. It seems like an obvious one, right? Surely it’s just another name for a homepage? Well, that would be far too simple. Don’t worry – we’ve got you.

A landing page is a standalone page away from the rest of the website with the sole goal being to get you to input your contact details. They’re commonly used in marketing campaigns, and typically it’s where you’re taken to (or where you land – see what they did there) when you click on a link from an email or social media. This is referred to as a ‘call to action’ or CTA for short. The whole point is to get your details so they can convert you into a sale – some may say that’s a smart marketing strategy, others might say it’s making a deal with the devil. You tell me. In fact, this video explains it better!

So, if you’re a marketing person yourself, you might now be wondering whether you need to get your (or your company’s) website setup with a landing page. I mean, that’s what everyone else is doing so it must be the right way to go… right? Did your mother never give you that classic talk of ‘if your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?!’ – how about we slow down and evaluate this. After all, is a landing page really worth the trouble?

The Pros and Cons of a Landing Page

Starting with the obvious – it brings traffic to your website (or at least, it’s supposed to), but how much are you spending on ads and campaigns to get them there in the first place? But hey – you get complete control of everything about the page from the images, the URL, and the copy; a completely unique landing page! It’s arguably unfair to make it about money again, buuuut… that’s expensive work. And if you don’t get the leads? Money for nothing.

Okay, okay, but look at it this way: first impressions mean a lot and if you’ve got a landing page you’re in complete control of, that also means complete control of first impressions. That’s power right there. And you can customize the information you need rather than rely on a generic form from a 3rd party. You just need to really make sure you’re getting those leads to make it financially worthwhile…

Landing Page Analytics

Still Think a Landing Page is for You? Here’s How To Make the Most of it!

While in theory, getting traffic to your landing page will mean more customer conversions, how does that sit in the real world? Unfortunately, not great: the average is only 2.35%! Ouch. So, how can you improve on your chances?

Make sure your ad campaign is effective. You don’t want people who are ready to buy to go to your landing page because that wouldn’t make sense. Do the work to make sure the landing page is only accessible to those who you’re trying to convert, not those you already have!

This shouldn’t have to be said in 2022, but make sure it’s phone-friendly! We use our phones for everything these days, and giving out our information for potential services should absolutely be one of them!

Remove all distractions such as options to click away from the landing page. The only thing you want users to be doing on this page is giving you their precious information. You cannot afford distractions at this vital time!

But Is There Another Option?

The marketing world really does move on its own clock; new concepts and ideas are constantly being tested. It won’t shock you to know that with the rise of social media being used for campaigning, another option to the landing page has popped up. It’s referred to as ‘opt-in’, and while the concept is largely the same as a landing page, the difference is that the user does not have to be taken away from the site they’ve found the ad on.

Basically, after selecting the ad on social media, a form will pop up – still on the same page as before on their chosen SM site – where they can input the details as they would on a landing page. The leads are then validated and sent to you.

Of course, this is all done by a third party, but in this age of short attention spans and the need for speed, this might be a great option!

Phone Apps

No Matter What You Choose, Make Sure It’s Flashy!

So, what do you think? Is a landing page worth it or will you be branching out and trying new concepts to get those deets from potential customers? Whatever your choice, one thing is for sure: make it flashy! Use graphics and video to capture the attention of users. Because let’s be honest, your landing page might be the most efficient one going, but if your ad doesn’t entice people, no-one will ever know. Let us help you with that and get in contact today for the most captivating video content your customers could ever imagine!

We’re continually evolving over here at INDIRAP. Whether it’s the content we’re putting out, the brands we look to for inspiration, or the technology we use. We’re never satisfied standing still.

So are you looking for a creative partner to challenge you and help you grow constantly? You’ve come to the right place.

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