Cureeo | Expo 2012 @ Navy Pier

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Shot & Chopped by Indirap…   Exclusive video coverage of EXPO Chicago! Cureeo CEO, Maida Swenson-Fortune, explores how to approach an art fair as a new (or experienced) art enthusiast:

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Cureeo – Expo Chicago 2012
Maida Swenson-Fortune– My name is Maida Swenson-Fortune and I am the co-founder and CEO of, the place for one of a kind people to find one of a kind art. A big part of what we’re committed to is help strip out the intimidation of art.  We think everybody should have access to it. So, what we wanted to do today was to give you an inside look at one of the best fairs in the country. Right now we’re at Expo Chicago. There’s a lot of magic that happens behind these walls. So what w’ere hoping to do is go in, get some perspectives of some of the galleries in here and hear about what it’s like from their end, and hear about what tips and advice they would give you, the buyer, to come in to a fair, and feel comfortable, confident, ready to check it out, and most importantly, enjoy yourself around all of this beautiful artwork.
What tips would you give people before coming to an art fair so that they feel comfortable and confident?
John Riepenhoff (Green Gallery) -Wear shoes- sneakers, so you can spend time walking around without being uncomfortable. You know, if you do a little research to try to find some connections that you might have, its always nice to have a little background-comfort area where you can go, you know, look for a gallery that you are familiar with, and if you don’t know anything, just kind of go openminded, and ask questions.
Maida– So any recommendations to people in order to get exposed to all of the different trends, or to find something that’s really right for them?
Jun-Hi Wennergren Nordling (Crystal Gallery) -My recommendation is always is to really look at the younger galleries because that’s where you can really see, I mean at the fairs there are always the more established ones and then you have the younger sections which I find very important to have a look at because that’s really where the trends start out.
Maida– Okay, so we’re here at Expo Chicago, and we’ve found this really neat Gallery, the Bourina Gallery, from Berlin, that’s doing something really unique and showcasing what it is that is creative talent and all of the fun things that new and emerging galleries are coming up with.
So this, is how you showcase all of the fantastic artists and the artwork that they have. Im sure people have been raving about it so far, how has it been to be the one serving up all of the medicine?
Art doctor– Oh, it was fun! People are good, yeah.  They like it!
Andrew Rafacz (Andrew Rafaoz Gallery)– If you kind of walk this fair, even today, you’ll just see a lot of different kinds of people enjoying the experience of looking at art. When you’re walking into somebody’s booth, you’re kind of coming into their space. I think, like, a good rule of thumb is probably like, to be mannered like you would if you were invited into somebody’s home, you know? It’s actually an enjoyable fair to be at, again, as I said earlier. So take that into consideration, and enjoy the experience. Take an afternoon off and come look at some great art.
Maida– Learn about the pieces and just get comfortable with what it is that’s going on here.
Andrew-Yeah, absolutely. And remember- It’s supposed to be an enjoyable experience!

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