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Shot & Chopped by Indirap…

And that’s all it takes, just work hard and keep working at it and don’t let your dream get destroyed by anybody else, it’s only you who can let it go. So don’t let go of your dream. Be on top.

Dr. Dawj Sangter
You are fabulous, you are awesome, you are wonderful, you are amazing, and I call that the (!!!) principle to live your best life!

Bryant Keil

I think one of the themes that I’ve always followed is do a few things and do them extremely well. We’re limited on time in life and if you focus on things you enjoy and things you do well, you’re going to be more successful.

Ramon DeLeon

What is it that inspires you to help yourself, because once you find your own inspiration you’re able to help others, and those who help others are people that win.

Fabrice Calmels
Nothing is not possible, or impossible. I think that if you do have goals you need to pursue them. In my case, I was told that because of my height I would never be able to dance, and now, I’m fact, I’m one of the tallest professional dancers in the world.
I think it’s very important for you to know what you are going for, you’re goals, and pursue them.

Let people know what you want. One of the biggest things that I’ve learned and one of the most beneficial things has been the people in my life. And had I not asked them for things, had I not networked, and had I not asked for help, asked for research. I think it’s important to surround yourself with people who know more than you know because it really helps elevate your business. I strongly believe in networking. People don’t know how to help you unless you actually ask.

Two people will not make it out alive. The shy people, and the stuck up person.
You shouldn’t be any one of those. If you’ve got an idea, go for it. Don’t even waif for people to tell you, you can’t do it. If you see something, go for it. Don’t wait because the opportunity will not stay there. Do you hear this? That’s an opportunity knocking on your door. If you don’t take it, someone else will, from you.

Cece and Melinda
Inspiring advice, I’d have to say, what ever you do say be 100% committed to what you’re doing, and always think through your decisions, don’t make quick rushed ones.

Ania Kaembasa-
Mingle, introduce yourself, get your face our there, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Make sure that your image is perfected and that people get to know about you and learn about you.

Shea Vaughn-
It’s important that you stay healthy because you can do all the things that you want, and if you’re not around to really enjoy it, then you’re really not doing everything that you can do. SO remember, stay healthy, think about exercising, eating right, setting better examples, and making better choices.

Dr. Alok Trivedi-

I have made more connections in two hours. I mean I got here late! I have met more people here in the last two hours than I would have met anywhere else. There are some people here that are movers and shakers. I feel like I’m doing business. There’s no other place you’ve got to be.

Always give people the time and making the effort to show these people, like you’ve noticed with what they have going on, it’s not always about myself.

And that’s really the key, is reaching out, expanding your network, and asking for help and assistance, and finding like-minded people who want to make an impact. So I think that’s kind of reflecting what both of us have to say for our industries.

Exactly! And we just met!! Yes!!

If you really have a passion and you have a dream, I think that you should just go for it and figure out how to do it later because you create a momentum and people get very haulted by not knowing how to do a certain thing, and I think if you put it out there and you start to move forward, you’ll figure it out, you’ll start to figure it out.

Stephanie Mansour-

Always follow your intuition when it comes to your life, your body, and about how you feel about yourself


I remember when my Connect Inspire Grow idea was only a dream. A mission to build a community of influential individuals who connect, get inspired, and help one another grow. To see that dream come alive is truly humbling. One thing I’ve learned so far is that everyone is approachable. You should Connect Inspire Grow, every single day.

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