#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Episode 19 | Positioning Yourself As An Expert With Video

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#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Episode 19 | Positioning Yourself As An Expert With Video from Indirap Productions on Vimeo.

Intellectual Property attorney Daliah Saper on how she has used online video to position herself as an expert in the field of business and social media law.


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“Daliah Sapor is the Chicago attorney whose client…”

“Daliah Saper, principle of law offices.”

My firm handles a lot of intellectual property, and cyber law issues, as well as it’s general media issues that come up.

Well I think more than anything, video allows your perspective clients and existing clients to build a relationship with and to really, it credentializes you, so when I have a seminar for example at my office, that video is not saying, “hey, there’s a seminar here”, its saying look at the body of content that I was able to produce, here’s a library of important information that you can refer back to if and when you need to, and so it extends my reach both by allowing me to explain my areas of practice to educate m y perspective clients while at the same time putting a face to the type of work we do and who, Saper Law, my law firm really is.

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