#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Episode 18 | Building Brand Trust Thru Social Media

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#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Episode 18 | Building Brand Trust Thru Social Media from Indirap Productions on Vimeo.

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Social Katy’s Katy Lynch on how to grow your brands online presence and trust factor utilizing the various forms of social media.


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I think that the first think that businesses have to determine what social media platforms they need to be on. Anywhere from Facebook to Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Yelp. Basically find out, okay, these are the channels I need to be on. As far as how do I connect, all of these platforms have different audiences, and you have to talk to these audiences in a certain way, so what we found at Social Katy is Facebook is a really good place for brands to connect with consumers by promoting give aways or contests, or promoting content about the brand. Twitter is more of an network for one on one engagements so connecting with key influences or other leaders within their industry, Pinterest is obviously great as well as Youtube and Flicker for brand story telling through visuals. But as far as how companies should actually go about promoting content, I think the main word here is trust. Brands have to build trust, and the way that they do that is by positioning their domain expertise on these social media platforms as well as being 100% transparent about who they are and what they do, being socially responsible, so if brands are partnered with charities or doing social good, making sure that thats highlighted across their social media channels as well, but I think that really at the core, its brands building trust. That’s how they connect with their customers on social media

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