#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Episode 17 | Developing Content For Clients

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#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Episode 17 | Developing Content For Clients from Indirap Productions on Vimeo.

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Social Katy’s Katy Lynch explains implementing an effective social media campaign..


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So we have to do a few things before we actually develop the content for a brand, we have to extract the following types of information, first of which is, who is the client and what is their current business model, finding out how do they make money and how does that translate onto the social web. The second thing we have to do is finding who is their target audience or what new audiences are they trying to reach and where do these audiences hang out on social media. Are they on Linked in, are they on Facebook, are they on Twitter, do they post pictures on Pinterest, where are they, THe third thing that we have to do is find out, how does this business add value.Β  There are so many competitors out there, so what is the key differentiator for our client, and what sets them apart. And then the next thing is how do we measure success for our client? What does success look like, and what are the tools that we’re going to be using to be able to measure that success.Β  So whether its google analytics, sprout social, tweet deck, (—-), all of this has to be taken into consideration to ensure that their social media strategy is going well.

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