#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Episode 16 | Building Brands & Consumers….

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#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Episode 16 | Building Brands & Consumers.... from Indirap Productions on Vimeo.

Shot by Mr. Indirap…

Social Katy’s Katy Lynch explains the growing importance of integrating video into your social media efforts.


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I think that video does play a vital role in a brand social media strategy, and I think you’re beginning to see now the beginnings of whats going to happen in 2013 and going  forward with video. Video is a great way for brands to kind of tell that story about their company through visuals. It’s a great way for brands to talk about customer reviews or testimonials or what their products in service actually is. I was on a shoe website the other day actually, and while I was browsing through all of the shoes I noticed that every shoe had a video attached to it that showed a model walking down a catwalk showcasing the shoe and then walking off camera, and I think that a video is brilliant for telling the consumer about that in-store experience. You know, people who are shopping online now, they want to be able to see the products they’re buying before they actually purchase them, and video is a great way for brands to do that .

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