#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Ep. 52 | Video Is Undeniable

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#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Ep. 52 | Video Is Undeniable from Indirap Productions on Vimeo.

Shot by Mr. Indirap…

Joey Barker breaks down the undeniable benefits of integrating video into your marketing campaign.


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So, society today we’re getting distracted left and right by tweeting, texting, pinning, snap-chatting. There’s so many different applications, so many different ways to connect people that it’s hard for businesses to pin-point and keep the consumer engaged and keep them focused on what they’re trying to portray and sell, it doesn’t really matter.

So, video is becoming very important in this because it’s the easiest way to keep people engaged. They’re used to the medium from watching television; they stay engaged throughout the one minute and thirty second clip that you put out.
There are endless benefits from it. The top three benefits I think are – number one, SEO wise- you’re going to be fifty percent more likely to show up on the first page of Google just by having a simple video on your webpage. That was done by Forrester Research, those are pretty legit guys.

The second one is obviously email campaigns. So, you can use email campaigns for simple marketing letters, new products, the possibilities are endless. By having video in your email your open rates are going to be up by 5.6 % and your conversion rates are usually up by 96%. So, those are huge numbers we’re seeing. And what that comes to is our third benefit, and that’s conversions.

So, any marketing campaign would be pointless without conversions. Conversions is your call to action, it’s the way you get people signed up to webinars. You get them engaged, you get them subscribed to whatever you’re trying to sell.

So, by having video within any webpage, within any webinar type advertisement that you’re doing – the conversion rates are going to be bumped up by 25% on average. Those are huge numbers we’re seeing. That’s why businesses are starting to realize how important video is and it’s not something we can ignore anymore and it’s not something they can ignore.

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