#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Ep. 30 | The Importance Of A Clear Strategy

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#CINEMATICEVERYTHING Ep. 30 | The Importance Of A Clear Strategy from Indirap Productions on Vimeo.

Shot by Mr. Indirap…

ColorJar’s very own David Gardner breaks down creating a clear and direct strategy for your growing business.



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So everybody has the conversation, I know that you and i have had a couple of brief conversations about strategy, about really strategizing for your brand. So what exactly is strategy and why do you feel it’s so imortant?
You can’t hit a target that you cant see, and without clearly defining the position strategy you’re really shooting in the dark. So that color jar, before we ever create a launch strategy, design or develop a website or an ap, we take a step back and what people through our positioning strategy methodology and the output of that really forms everything we do. So the way that we approach the positioning strategy, we’re trying to triangulate three things. First is, what’s remarkable about you that you’re uniquely qualified to deliver on. The second is, what resignates with your audience, and the third is what differentiates you from competition? So the intersection of what you’re great at, what your audience wants and how you outplay your competition is really the sweet spot of your positioning, and that’s where we position companies, products, and campaigns, so we call that sweet spot your golden purpose, which is really your hook. That golden purpose becomes a linch pin of every tactic you employ after that. What’s really important to understand is because it allows you to define and be strategic when you’re coming out with your language design and message, with your brand personality with your marketing, with your web sit design and your user experience choices, All of those things need to be measured against your golden purpose and it will all help drive you towards your idea. If you don’t have a clearly defined positioning strategy you’re really going to be in trouble. There has never been more noise in the market place, so people can quickly connect with you and understand what they’re all about. Even if you’ve got the best product in the world, people are never going to give you a chance, so with out clearly defined positioning strategy people are really operating from the gut, but with a defined positioning strategy, you’re constantly marching towards your golden purpose.

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